BP presto Gas audits-5th day and shops still not reviewed

Does anyone know the policy parameters if it’s past five days and your audit has still not been reviewed yet or what you can do if anything at that point? I know I could reach out to the contact but usually the contact will tell me there’s nothing they can do. So I’m wondering if anyone else has experience with this?EDIT it’s day 6, still nothing. Last time any reviewed a shop for me was Sunday.

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Email presto. I did and told them the guidelines they they put out are not being met. They will make sure Ipsos stays on schedule.
I had the same issue with delayed reviews, but...they did reach out to me and investigated it and i was actually wrong on my date. The person who reached out was super nice and timely.
I think they may all be over worked at this point so I'm really trying to be patient. I'm more concerned about them thinking i used old photos, not unique. And I'm not even mad about it ..lol I'm hurt because its a moral issue with me. I'm that person who gives the cashier the dime back if she gives me too much change...lol so yeah this isn't something i can just blow off.
Yeah, just to clarify for everyone (and it may not apply in all situations) - the 5 days is from your submission date, not the date you claimed the shop. So if you claimed a shop on the 1st and submitted on on the 3rd, please don't expect for it to be reviewed by the 6th. And please try to consider the time of day that you submit - if you send something in at 11pm on 1st, maybe don't count the 1st within those 5 days. smiling smiley

- Colleen (from Presto)
Why is there an assumption I cannot properly count the days? Why not assume they are delayed? I completed/submitted the shops in question on 2/25. My understanding it has been 6 business days now since my submission (today is 3/3). The notes say "UP TO FIVE days to review". all my shops are 'awaiting review' right now. I have many waiting to be reviewed. So is it fair to say now that they are out of compliance with their own policy? Great. Now that we have got past that. I reached out to the head and she responded and basically said they will get to it when they get to it. So I said ok thank you. There is nothing I can do but wait and understand that what I was told is not true about the timeline to get my shops reviewed and that their is no one to police the MSC to ensure their own policies are followed, not even Presto. Teachable moment.
Yeah they seem to be much slower this time around. I also sent an email to one of the main people at IPSOS that are working on this project and I never heard anything back. My 10 shops that were submitted on 2/22/20 were accepted on 2/27/20 and the 13 done on 2/23/20 accepted on 2/29/20. I have 7 on 2/29, 15 on 3/1 and 13 on 3/2 that haven't been looked at yet. The good thing is once they are accepted, they pay out really quick.
Hi all! First, we want to thank you for your work on these shops. You’ve submitted thousands of evaluations, and it’s an amazing response. It’s precisely because of that amazing response that we’re reaching out.

As you probably noticed, the Consumer Audits form is long, and reviewing a shop of that length takes longer than the average Presto shop. The MSC is working hard to make sure that they can accept the shops that meet the criteria laid out by BP, and while that’s good for shoppers in the long run, it does mean that some shops—particularly ones that have irregularities that need to be investigated—are going beyond our normal time frame for review.

Presto is working closely with the MSC to provide as much support as we can to handle questions and investigation in these cases, but even so there’s a limit to how fast the review process can go.

We want you all to know that Presto is very much invested in getting our shoppers paid promptly. And, at the same time, we also really want every bit of your hard work to count, so we’re trying to make sure every shop you’ve done that can be accepted by BP’s standards is accepted. We don’t want to rush that process and make mistakes.

Going forward we’re hoping to get a better system in place for warning you when a shop might fall outside our normal review time frame. In the meantime, however, we just want to say thank you for your patience as we work with Ipsos to help them get everything reviewed.

-Jessica (from Presto)

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All due respect Jessica, this is a teachable moment for you guys as well. This was my first time doing this type of audit with your company, however Ive done gas shop audits many times for other companies and I have been a MS for over 6 yrs. you don’t need to explain to us the whoas of “project mgmt”. That’s your challenge to understand how to do better next time. What we want is the truth. If you cannot meet the deadlines you set for yourself to review our shops and pay us just tell us the truth upfront next time. Then we can decide whether not we want to do the shops and plan accordingly.

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ginams00 luckily I'm not a scheduler. From the tone of your posts you don't seem like a shopper I would reach out to for jobs. I find a little grace and understanding go a long way.
I was thinking the same thing but you said it so much nicer than I would have.

@wwin wrote:

ginams00 luckily I'm not a scheduler. From the tone of your posts you don't seem like a shopper I would reach out to for jobs. I find a little grace and understanding go a long way.
Thanks for the understanding, wwin and grille. We appreciate it. Ginams00, we actually agree with you, that's why we're trying to get a better system in place to warn shoppers of what the expected review time frame will be. We want to make sure you all have the most accurate information so you can choose which shops to do--after all, that's the whole point of a self assigning platform like Presto.

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Jessica, Where I understand your situation the entire problem lives with 2 statements: 1) when you agree to take a shop on Presto you have to check the box that says "I understand that this project may take up to 5 days to be approved (payment may take 2 days longer than normal)" and 2) when you receive an email saying the audit as been accepted there is this line in the email "You'll receive payment 1-3 business days from now - when payment has been issued, you'll see it in your shop log." Obviously this isn't happening for many people. This leaves a hardship for people that: a) have planned on this money, b) who do this fulltime and c) those who have unpaid bills. Seems to me, in my simple opinion, there are not enough editors to take care of the multitude of audits, so what is being done about this situation? On the webinar last week the moderator said they would pay out for shops after the 5 days, whether they had been edited or not - a statement I found puzzling at the moment and it hasn't happened that way.

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I agree with Mrodgers3 and ginams00. we should hold companies accountable for what they state. They make millions of dollars of the backs of the low level employees. Whats unfortunate, its usually other low level employees who will attack each other as some did toward ginams00 instead of holding these companies to their policies. Thats why the rich get richer and the poor dont get a darned thing.

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And thanks to the Presto peeps on this thread we have now linked the MSC to the client if anyone was in the dark about it..lol

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