How are these shops? I have about 10 clubs in my area and they are going for about $90-$100 each shop. I’ve seen them consistently at $60...

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The ones i did were regularly $20 with my max bonus $25 and maybe a gift card (my last job was 2 years ago). There are only a few here in So Cal. If still the same shops the job was about the same as most gym shops. A decent sized narrative, names of everyone introduced to and info on what was offered in the sales portion as well as what was said on the phone call. One thing is that while the MSC said they would clear your personal info from the the gyms computer system, they never did and I received phone calls and emails for years.
They're fairly easy reports just long. You have to call and set up an appointment then go on the tour. Those gyms are large with multiple levels. I've done maybe three or four of them and can never get out in less than an hour sad smiley

After the tour, you're harassed by the membership consultant to join for weeks; text, calls and email. It's a sweet assignment if you can get a 3 day or week pass out of it.

Also, if you can't afford this gym it makes you feel really poor sad smiley I really wanted to join but I can't foot the cost. During one of my tours, singer Brandy was there working out!
I did this shop for $30 with one MSC and regretted it as the tour was super long and the membership advisor I met with harassed me for weeks via phone. Definitely had better experience with the report and tour with the current MSC.
I agree with @eyelove2shop, this gym definitely makes you envious of those who actually go. Super expensive!!
I didn't know they changed MSC- that makes sense why the payment is so high. I have not done any for the new MSC.
They will stop calling once you answer and tell them to stop. No doubt they're not allowed to harass people who make the request.

These shops are not that difficult. Only a little more involved than other gym tours. If you can come up with a specific focus/goal and don't chat during the tour, you can be out in twenty minutes. Set the tour for your "lunch break." The focus is on how they try to close the deal. Some of their people get too involved in talking everything up and then do no work at the end. It can be awkward, but not difficult.

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I am still getting emails weeks after completing the shop. Each email gets more accusatory. Demanding to know what's stopping me, if I'm not familiar with their brand, when will I come in, today, tomorrow, Saturday? Beach season is approaching.
If you do more than one Equinox shop you will need a different name, phone number, and email for each. They claim to purge your info after the shop but not true.

There is a link on their website where you can purge your email address from their system but wait until after you are paid for the shop.
I have tried to get deactivated from the Equinox website, and after multiple emails requesting this, I still get emails. The MSC did not say to use different names or numbers. I used my actual information. The locations asked to see my license, so that would make it impossible to make up a name.
I did one shop years ago and spend many months trying to get my name off their contact list. When I went to my local club on my own to look into joining last year...I was still in the system.

The good news is that they gave me a significant discount based on the fact that I had looked at clubs in the past and not joined. They probably suspected I was a shopper as well.
There have been different ms companies shopping them over the years, but the first one i shopped with asked us to use different names etc.--or not shop tbem more than once. Otherwise it would out us as shoppers. One company that would shop them from time to time even said if youve ever shopped Equinox in the past then you couldnt shop them again on their program. Their unwillingness to reliably purge names means $60 shops can stay on the current company's job board until they expire.
I routinely did both the $15 and $30 shops for Equinox over the past 2 years till they changed over to a new MSC. Wish I knew which one they use now because the surveys were easy enough, although the tour for the $30 made it very time consuming. I'd say if it's going for as high as $90-$100, it can't hurt to do one as a test run...
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Equinox is gearing up to reopen. I wonder if a lot of their members will come back with all the restrictions in place: [abc7ny.com].
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