Are you cancelling?

The local health food store is where I go to get facials and haircuts as they have a salon in the back of the store. They also offer massages. I just got an email from them today saying that all salon services, including massages, have been cancelled until further notice.

@katiew27 wrote:

I have a massage MS booked this weekend about 3.5 hours away from me. Hopefully I'll still be able to drive down as that's where my boyfriend lives. The joys of military relationships when you're stationed at different places. Sure I'll find out in the next few days if it gets cancelled or not!


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Well, when one door closes another opens, I reckon. I accepted a $10 recorded phone shop for next week for a company to evaluate their customer service regarding varicose veins. That should be fun! And then, on the merchandising side, I've got 4 convenience stores lined up for the last week in March/1st week in April, to do a small section reset, up to 4 hours per store. I'll take my latex gloves, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, etc etc etc. I'm grateful for the work!
I figured golf courses would be about the only thing left open at this point. I just got an email from the first course saying they're closed til 3/29/20.
@ravensr4real wrote:

I figured golf courses would be about the only thing left open at this point. I just got an email from the first course saying they're closed til 3/29/20.

I will bet that it is that they do not want people in the clubhouse.
My internet has been down all day. I guess too many people working at home. It's been slammed. Just came back up and I canceled two small gas station store shops and honker down. It's not worth the few $ I would make to do them.
I have plenty of food, books to read, games to play and I am now an expert on the Food Channel I even watched a New Years Football game that I attended and watched it on TV.
I had 2 teller shops scheduled today. I verified this morning that they were still assigned to me. At 12:16, all remaining shops for that client were suspended. I had barely not left yet. I was not disappointed.

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I just saw that all the shops for MF in my area are no longer available. Good for them!!
@tcurione wrote:

I'm on the second day of a nine day route right now. Right now, nothing has cancelled, but nothing I have is food related. I have a feeling it is eventually going to lead to cancellations but as of now, nothing. I was somewhat hesitant, but honestly, I think we're going to be worse in a few weeks and beyond then we are right now, so I have decided to go for it, not add anything else afterwards, and then figure out what I will do.

And just like that, in less then 24 hours.... it's all gone.
@Irene_L.A. wrote:

YEP, cancelled all two jobs, better safe than sorry.

Make like a true Northern Californian and stay home, Irene. Sit this out and be safe. I'm ordering supplies to be sent to my parents so they don't need to be in line at the grocery store....Vons will deliver!
Yep, I was always in the grocery stores, so really have a lot of stuff, and if I run out, I will have food delivered. My friend in Encino said Gelson's had lines out the door, forgot about standing in line for the cashier. True Northern Californian's safe Steve.

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Simple solution....everything will be closed, restaurants, bars, not going out in crowds, what is there to think about, our life should be tops, not doing a JITB for 12 bucks...just saying. Getting annoyed with this industry (not you Pete). The MSC companies don't care about their shoppers, what else is new?

Live consciously....
Sadly, smaller MSC might disappear if this is a prolonged problem. Employees jobs are in jeopardy so things are not always black and white.
Age and a couple of other factors put me at increased risk,
I canceled three valet parking shops where I would have to enter hotels to wait for 40 minutes or so. My wake-up call about hotels came a few days ago when a MAJOR Washington DC hotel ceased operations after its general manager tested positive for Covid-19. DC has TONS of visitors from all over the world, plus members of congress and other politicos who were exposed at recent conventions (confirmed cases and transmission there). Even if I did not have to enter the hotels, the valet attendants who parked any contaminated vehicle(s) are not getting into mine. When I thought about it, I further decided to pass on any valet assisted parking for the duration. Big hit to my MS income. But I have been paying a lot extra each month on my "New" vehicle and one other fixed rate note and can actually make up 90% of lost MS income by paying the minimum due on those. And I have NO revolving credit card debt. Whew!

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Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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@walesmaven wrote:

When I thought about it, I further decided to pass on any valet assisted parking for the duration.

Good move! I decided to take a serious look at ways I come in contact with others and also made a decision to forgo any valet parking for the duration of the pandemic. Since I am also forgoing public transit for now, I need the car to be a 'safe space'!

It's hard to voluntarily give up work that you see sitting there, especially when we shoppers are used to scrapping for assignments and some companies are offering bonuses to complete the work.
I have committed to a new home shop today, but am questioning myself a little. I'll bail if the target is at all ill. I'll keep my distance and not shake hands. Their sales office has been closed for two days, which will help if there was contamination.... I suspect this will be the last one for a while: It is likely that we'll be on a "shelter in place" order in the very near future. I predict it will be announced this afternoon....

I have decided that I will not be doing any apartment shops for a while. There is too much traffic, too much exposure, etc. I can survive without my shopping income, so it just might be a good time to lay low completely and let those who need to shop in my area pick up what they feel safe doing.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
I am glad to read above and hear about ll the shops that were cancelled...good for you MSC's for being responsible.

Live consciously....
@MFJohnston wrote:

I'll bail if the target is at all ill.

I hope you're bringing a thermometer...

In all seriousness, no touching without hand washing. Disposable gloves would not be out of the question when dealing with foreign locations.

I had an interview last Monday when all this was still ramping up in the news. It was a relatively important meeting and when I walked it, the person I was there to meet stuck his hand out for a handshake. It caught me a little off guard since the whole drive there, I was reminding myself to quash my internal instinct to shake hands, and planned to offer an elbow...but it took me by surprise when that hand came out!

I froze for a moment and though it may be rude to offer the elbow at that point, so I asked, "We're still doing that here?" After an uncomfortable laugh, I shook his hand, asked where the nearest sink was spent the first few minutes of our interview discussing hand-washing techniques from neighboring sinks in the men's room.

Apparently it was fondly memorable since I not only landed that particular gig/account/job, but they agreed to pay me a little more since I offer to include a software package that would allow us to work remotely....
I was planning to go to the mall today because so far it's still open & ironically a mystery shop opened, but they quickly canceled it. No prob! I'm sure not going to do anymore for a LONG time!
I had 6 grocery stores to do this weekend. I cancelled and there is no penalty for cancelling.

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It's becoming very clear that the MSCs don't care about their shoppers or the public. I'm furious....I'm beginning to hear from a few MSCs addressing the pandemic and their concern (IPSOS and ACL).
I just got a call from MF and I told them no one in my area is having "dine-in" shops so why is it on the board. Are they that clueless??? I told them to call me when they switch it to pick up or delivery. Jeeeeezzz
I am not cancelling. It is all being done for me, and I'm kinda happy. I will be doing a few drive-thru shops, and I have a series of grocery store shops scattered through the first part of April. That should be interesting. Hopefully, I will notice a decline in hoarding. I will just go to do my normal shopping stuff, and hopefully I will be able to find what I'm looking for. Other than that, I'm laying low, checking on family and friends, making sure they're okay. Already mailed a box of toilet paper, sanitizer, and paper towels to elderly family members in Ohio who don't drive and are unable to compete with the madness and empty shelves. Peace, Love, Pray.... Keep Hope Alive.
Just wondering, how is doing "normal" shopping stuff and multiple shops involving human interaction "laying low"? I hope you consider others during all of this and don't bring it home to elders or other loved ones. Please be safe and smart everyone.
@jkow wrote:

You aren't aware of any cases within 100 miles. That's different than there aren't any.

I think you mistook my meaning. I said there were no KNOWN cases but that it is only a matter of time until there are. I didn't say there aren't any. I'm fully aware of the paucity of tests.

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I meant by normal shopping stuff is that I am buying stuff I need as, toiletries, etc... normal shopping stuff. However, I might pick up something for someone else who I know is in need. One place we will have to go to on occasion is the grocery store.
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