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In looking through recent posts, people said they were still seeing AL shops. I am alarmed by this if true. Visitors are banned in all nursing homes/AL I believe in all states and assumed that would include tours. I have a 94 year old mom in Assisted Living in Seattle and am worried sick and haven't been able to see her for nearly two weeks (they have halted visitor tours). This is a matter of life and death and if AL shops are going forward this must be stopped immediately! Like to hear from anyone on this and if they are still seeing shops. Stay well, all!

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I would not worry about it excessively because there are all levels of AL. My uncle and aunt had a little two bedroom garden apartment in an AL and could pick their meal plan because they also had a small kitchen and could do their own cooking if they wished. They were out and about most days, playing tennis or golf or swimming. They had their car and went to the movies or out to dinner or a concert or church. A tour of the place would have shown a sample apartment and the amenities, with perhaps an invitation to stay for a meal. There is no particular reason why visitors or a facility tour would need to be cancelled for this facility as residents were routinely out in the general population of town.

Another aunt was in an AL for years that was a step above nursing home care. She shared a room with another resident, three meals a day were provided and the amenities included televisions and comfy chairs in the public area where there were also tables for card games and a piano. There were some residents in wheel chairs and with portable oxygen, but you had to be able to take care of yourself without significant assistance to remain there.

Once that aunt was no longer able to care for herself she was moved to a nursing home where she could be cared for.

I would expect that these days tours and visitors are not allowed for these later two facilities as these folks are too fragile.
I was scheduled to do one and the location cancelled the visit. A report was submitted based on the phone call but I am not sure how the pay is affected.
Independent/Assisted living buildings have locked the doors. Where my Mom is no one enters without having temps taken. And that is only medical personel and employees. Younger mobile residents who leave and return are now isolated FOURTEEN days. Where elderly friend is residents are restricted to their own wings.
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