Home Depot Shop Don't Make My Mistake!

I've now done 7 of 10 shops with only one going sideways. I wanted to give a warning to others doing these shops so hopefully no one else will have an issue. I made a mistake (Irritating because I'm meticulous with checking SKUs. I see so easily in retrospect how I could have avoided my mistake). The cashier made a mistake, then another mistake, then another mistake... The shop/ return ended up fine but we'll see what happens with the report. Both the scheduler and I documented and are taking a watch as see approach.

The cheap tile SKU D has another tile in a different section that looks from the front of the tile indistinguishable from SKU D. These tiles, like so many things at HD can be mixed up in the stack you are counting. SKUs aren't usually on items but on the back of the tile the name Callalily... is. Check to be sure you are picking up two of the propper NAMED tile for SKU D.

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That exact same thing happened to me on the tiles item at the last HD shop I did. Fortunately, I caught it as I was putting the higher priced tiles in the cart. Some customer had apparently put some of the expensive tiles on top the box of cheap tiles, which were in another bay on opposite side of the aisle.
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