Regular shopper at a hardware store, need to ask question about their pin on their vest meaning, advice

In my region there is a hardware mystery shop for about 15 stores, 5 of which are in my regular commute.

The MSC changed the rules and I have to ask about a "W.E.C.A.R.E" badge meaning that every employee has on their vest and this has to be asked of the cashier.

I am a regular shopper of these stores (5 total) and there is one store in particular (very small) that I suspect already knows I am the shopper. But by asking the cashier the badge requirement, I know they will guarantee they will know its me. I have had the same cashier many times so she will remember its always me who is asking.

If I do not ask, I am going to get banned from shopping the client, if I am caught to be the shopper I am the same as well.

Any advice on this situation? For April (hopefully) I am traveling near 4 of the client, which I have never been to, or have no been to in 4 months so I will be fine.

But this is for this particular store, help

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You could take a couple months off that one store and hope their memory of you fades..... It sounds like you are on the verge of being outed anyhow, so your time at the store could be about done. It's better to take a little time away from a single store than permanently lose a client.

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Are you allowed to take anyone with on the shop?
If so maybe have them 'notice' the pin and ask.

Or if they are close by have family members shop there and ask the question. That way the employees will be thrown off.

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