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I hope this strange times are not affecting you too much! I noticed few days ago that my status was downgraded from Platinum Elite to Gold Elite. Is there any other benefit to Gold Elite other then late check-out at 2 PM? Do they usually give you an upgrade? I really liked the benefits of Platinum Elite and fully enjoyed them but I don't stay at Marriott often enough to maintain the status. Is there other way to maintain or obtain the higher status? Credit card? TIA

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Marriott credit cards simply give you 15 elite night credits. Until recently those did not stack but in the past couple of weeks that has changed very slightly. You can now get 15 for both a personal and business credit card, so a maximum of 30. That would get you Platinum if you stayed 20 additional nights. However, if you decide to do that be very careful the order you apply. There is a particular order you have to do it in order to get the sign up bonuses.

There are several ways of getting gold directly from a card (Amex Platinum or Marriott Brilliant cards). The only way I know of to get Platinum from a card is the Amex Centurion card. It would be cheaper just to check into a cheap Marriott for 50 days and check out though.

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Thank you griffin! I didn't know that credit card gives 15 nights; when I applied, I think they gave me so many points after spending certain amount of money in first 3 months.
I checked the cards that you recommended, they are out of my league.
Marriott said that they will reevaluate the membership statuses due to the corona virus situation but I don’t think that I fall into that group. I got spoiled by Platinum status and now I am disappointed. I hope for another Marriott shop and status upgrade. I enjoyed the lounge access!
I have the AmEx Bonvoy Brilliant... $450 annual fee but basically pays for itself... you get $300 in automatic annual statement credit good for all Marriott purchases including rooms, not just expenses. In addition, a certificate for a category 5 room... so those alone is worth over $450. If you stay at a hotel for more than 3 days a year, you’ve made money by having the card... also gives Goled Elite etc.
@ngbmediashop: thank you and sorry! I did not get a notification for the post so I did not see your message until now. I see what you are saying and it makes sense. I now have Gold Elite status, I was downgraded from Platinum Elite. I really liked having an access to the lounge because I have a small child and it was really convenient, and 4 PM check-out. If the card offered Platinum Elite status, yes, I would definitely get the card but you are saying that it doesn't; I may still consider it. Thank you.

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