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Is anyone doing these? There are TONS in my area, but I am nervous. The house may or may not be occupied. I certainly would not want an unknown person taking photos of my house. Thoughts? Am I being overly cautious and missing out on a bunch of money? Has anyone had experience with these?

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I do these. If the property is occupied, the owner knows an assessment is being done. It's usually the neighbors who are curious.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
please use caution. there are a lot of stressed out S2B former homeowners out there. I already had my bad experience. no more.
I did have one owner approach me and ask me to leave. He was courteous, and I left.

I would definitely hesitate to do these in a neighborhood with...well, shall we just say "high crime rate"? I would just leave if driving in the area made me uncomfortable.
@Niner wrote:

You might get the cops called on you. I did this once, never again.

I had that happen to me also. A nosey neighbor called the cops, because I told her it was none of her business what I was doing, unless she was the homeowner.
I have never had a problem with the residential ones. Of course, I do not sign up for them If I am not familiar with the neighborhood.
I did a residential one and it was quick (three photos). An occupant of the home pulled up in a vehicle while I was across the street, and entered the home. Not sure if he observed me once he was inside.

@Niner, @sueac101, @SS4U that sounds unpleasant. Good to know that can happen.
use extreme caution and plan your quik escape if trouble arises. I had to call the police on one male who threatened me, boxed my car in so I could not leave. I was taking pics from the street. No more !!!! not worth the $$$$
2 squad cars show up and asked for my authorization letter. The cops then ordered this guy to move his car and kept him busy while I completed my job and left. That was it for me.
I only ever had the cops called on me that one time, but I very seldom do the home property shops.
I have done a ton of the business shops and have never had a problem. Once in a while someone may come outside and look at me while I'm taking pictures, then they go back inside, without saying a word.
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