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I recently completed some gas pump inspection shops. At one store, I could not get the required full photo of the store building from the front because there was not enough room between the parking lot and the highway (busy) and across the street was a fenced pasture with waist high grass. So, I drove to the left turn lane and took the shot. At the time, it was the only option I could come up with to get the photo safely. I notified the scheduler about the situation and he asked for my photos. He sent the report on for me after looking at it. Last night he informed me that I had been dropped completely from the project for not completing a shop correctly. I immediately asked him for more details. Then, I went to the website to see which of the shops had been declined. It was that shop. This morning I got an email from the help desk stating that my shop was declined because the company reviewed the footage and found that I did not inspect the pumps or trash cans. Well, I did do that. I did all of that. Looking at my Google Maps timeline, I was there over 20 minutes. I believe they looked at the photo, saw that it was taken from the road, and decided I just drove by. I emailed the help desk and explained what I thought might have happened, but I am so afraid that now they think I am a slacker and will not offer me any more shops. How does a shopper clear their name when they are wrongly accused? It's just so embarrassing for me to be accused of doing something like that.

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I had the same problem with taking the store front photo. Because of the small parking area, I could not get a good shot of the whole building per the requirements. They tell you in the guidelines they want the photo taken from the parking lot and they state they do not want a photo from the street or across the street. I did take a store front photo, doing the best I could and submitted it. Then I added an overall shot taken from the street, from the left turn lane as I waited to turn into the parking area, commenting that the small parking lot made it difficult to get a store front photo that captured the entire building so I was also including an overall station shot in addition to the required store front photo.

I suspect you are probably right about the photo getting your report declined. and that the client did not bother looking at your video since they already knew they were going to decline the shop due to the photo. It's unfortunate that you've been taken off the project because an incorrect photo on one shop. This was probably the client's decision, so I wouldn't worry about the MSC not offering you future shops.

Just as a warning to others - we are frequently warned that the video cameras are rolling and in most cases they only pay attention to the video for a negative report or an unusual circumstance. In the case of this client and this shop, the client iS looking at the video. Be sure your times are accurate. They watch you on video from the time you arrive until you leave the location. I know because the MSC called to verify that I was the guy in the hat, red bandana, and blue car who was there during the times in my report. They also noted that the client saw me leave the location and return a minute later, taking the overall photo from the left turn lane. Exactly what I did. When I was unable to get a storefront shot I thought was good, I took a couple of not-great photos and finished the observations. Then when I pulled out of the parking lot, I turned around at the next intersection and returned to get the overall shot.
Maybe politely suggest to them that they may be looking at the wrong person in the videos?

Helena's advice is what I did a few years back; my shop was declined due to a mistaken video review. I appealed not once but twice, with the final decision being in my favor. The excuse given was mistaken identity, after which I unmistakingly fired the MSC.

I used to do a location that was not easy to photograph safely. I did pisss off a large number of other drivers who honked, swore, and screamed invective. Fortunately, this was on a side street and not a main thoroughfare. I always took extra images from other angles and places. It took so long to get the pix that this was never worth the money. I think on some days, the time made the pay something like a few cents under zero dollars per hour.

Anyway, I do not know which MSC and client you are referring to, so I do not know what is in the realm of the possible. My first thought was to create a separate album of all the images for this one shop and label all pics, even the extras. You can create a separate sheet which lists the time and date for each image and make that part of the album. If there is someone who is willing to check you information, they might appreciate that your list is easier to read at a glance than checking each image individually and that the information matches and supports the time of your presence at and near the location. They should love that you took time to express the information in an additional way for their convenience. (If not, take a lesson from shopperbob and fire them!)

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I am in contact with my scheduler. He has passed on my concerns to QC, which I appreciate. He has assured me that I am still in good standing with them, which was my main concern. I just don't like being told I didn't do something when I know I did. My lesson learned is to do something like what Shop- et -al describes on future assignments.
I'm just curious as to which MSC this is since I have not seen any gas station inspection jobs and, I would like to be wary of the MSC.
Bad experience but no reason to be wary of the MSC. kimmy's problem was with the client. If kimmy is describing the shop I have done, it is Second to None. I don't do a lot for them but I have worked for them since 2010 with no problems and always get paid on time and in full. The shop I did is a convenience store that pays $10 with no purchase requirement. No need to enter the building. There's a minimum requirement of one photo of the store building and they provide very particular requirements for that photo. There are 5 observations (photo required only if it was dirty/disorganized) and the report had six yes/no questions and one very short narrative describing the cleanliness. I did one and have several scheduled next week and in June. I was there 5 minutes and the report took about 5 minutes.

edited because spell check changed what I said and I fixed it back.

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Yes, my problem is with the client. The MSC has been positive through the experience. I have always found them to be very professional and fair with me. I enjoy doing shops with them, when I can find one available. This might have been the universe saying I am not supposed to do these shops. I had a list of locations in a nearby small town coming up tomorrow and they were cancelled by the client because they wanted to move them to June. I signed up for the same locations in June, and now this has happened and I am removed from the program. It feels like I am not supposed to those locations.
I am not at all superstitious, but you have a sense of this. Maybe there is some reason that you will be free then. I hope it's a great reason! smiling smiley

@kimmysue wrote:

.... It feels like I am not supposed to those locations.

This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before. - Leonard Bernstein
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