ath power shopper rating has dissapeared

Hi, I am an active shopper in good standing with this MSC (as long as I know) yet I am unable to accept shops even the 'self assign' ones because my shopper score has disappeared from the dashboard. I get the error message that I need a shopper ring of 5. has anyone else experience this? I've tried to call ath but I get nothing but vm's that lead to no where.

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I believe the shopper score is a hidden thing for them not open like other sassie mscs. I have never actually received a shopper score for any of the 93 shops over 7 years I have done for them. I did get a hero citation score of 10 once. I believe you start with a 5 score automatically and it counts but does not count until your first graded shop then it disappears and goes based on that and future shop scores. So in my case my hero score of 10 is my average.

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