Texas Roadhouse

Isiah, just group all the items together on your table. And yes, many clients get food photos in their reports for both dining and delivery shops. The client wants to see what the consumer is seeing when they open the bag.

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I did one of the curbside shops last month and asked my scheduler about the photos before I did the shop. First photo I took had all the food grouped together with the lids closed (box of rolls, box with steak and potato, box with salad, bag of butter, drink with lid on). Second pic had all the food grouped together with the box lids open and butter and salad dressing removed from the bag but with lids still on. Third pic was "ready to eat" with baked potato removed from foil wrapper, lids off dressing and butter, straw in drink cup. I received a 10/10 grade, so the pics must have been acceptable!

Edited to add: I did this shop while on a route and two hours from home. I took the pics a block away from the restaurant instead of waiting until I got home. All the food pics had the food still in the boxes, not put on a plate. And, since plasticware was not included (I'll make sure to ask for some on my next shop!), I ate the rolls without butter and enjoyed the rest of the meal once I returned home.

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I just completed this shop. I was able to get all the food in one picture (I group everything together).

It was an very easy shop However, I am not sure on the pictures.

My first picture was the food inside the plastic bag. (Like it was given to me) Pic number 2 was the food with all the lids off the main entree and the lids off all the sides and dressings and butter. (Ready To Eat) I uploaded the same picture in number 3 also.

I did take an picture of the food out of the bag with all the lids closed. (Some were in boxes and some were in containers were you can see through). I did not upload that picture in the report. However, I have it saved on my computer. May be I should have uploaded that picture.

Hopefully they will give me an good grade on it.. If they don't I will know what to do next time. So we will see. Having my figures, eyes, and ears cross smiling smiley

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It sounds like you did good, Isaiah. I wish I could have gotten one of these but they were all gone by the time I logged in. I haven't had TX Roadhouse since last February.
Thanks roflwofl. I have done an few of them where you have to take someone with you where you can eat in the Dining room. I also have seen where you can eat by you self at the bar (I have never done those).

With my and my wives work schedule, it is hard for the both of us to go. The last time I did an TRH dining room shop, I got food poisoning.

This was the first time I have seen an take out shop from TRH. How long have the Take Out parts been around? Hopefully you can grab one next month and hopefully they will offer this shop again.
I did one photo with everything out of the bag but closed. The bag was also visible. The second photo had the large container lids open. The side dishes, which came placed inside the larger order entree containers, were still closed. The third shot had everything open (but in their original containers). The shop was quickly approved. Given this client’s history as an exceptionally easy shop I think it’s likely that we are all overthinking this.
Isaiah, the take out shops only started a few months ago. Take out orders have increased due to Covid19 and I guess TXRH is trying to evaluate that service. I think these will continue.
I received my grade this afternoon and I got an 10 smiling smiley I hope they will continue.. I have to wait three months before doing another one

I think I saw one for Chilli's and Out Back an few months ago but I was not able to get them.

TXRH opened its third Jaggers location Dec. 9, 2020.

I spent five to six hours reading reviews online from all locations and checking out their menu and prices.

This is exciting. They offer chicken sandwiches, tenders, and burgers made from scratch (from daily hand breaded chicken and fresh ground beef down to the buns and sauces made fresh every day). Their salads look TXRH-ish...but with more flare and healthy ingredients.

I hope they can go national (w/ 1,000's of stores).....maybe knock out Sonic (Jaggers has high rated tater tots and various lemonades) and steal their market share, lol!

Super excited Bubba's 33 (already shopped) and now Jaggers will be expanding the TXRH empire!

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I picked up a couple of curbside shops. I've only done dine in before. How is the tip handled? When you order? Or don't curbside orders usually get tips?
@gladysfarfel wrote:

I picked up a couple of curbside shops. I've only done dine in before. How is the tip handled? When you order? Or don't curbside orders usually get tips?

I was able to leave a tip on the receipt when I picked up and paid for my curbside shop.
The to go shop lets you choose how you want to order it. I did it online and added a tip that way. If you place a phone order you get some additional survey questions to answer.

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We were supposed to been have been getting an Bubba's 33 but for some reason the plans fell through. It was on one of the radios FB page.. I email them but they have not reply back.

I did my over the phone. When I went, I had to go inside. There was no curbside parking close to the takeout door sad smiley
@Isaiah4031a wrote:

We were supposed to been have been getting an Bubba's 33 but for some reason the plans fell through.
If it was a recent cancellation, it may be due to COVID and lack of sports in 2020.

Bubba's is like a "red neck" Buffalo Wild Wings as the CEO has said. They're big on live sports, so with that not happening, it's hard to open a B33. The two BWWs near me were both pretty empty all 2020. Having said that, the B33 near me was PACKED all summer. It's crazy.

I believe they can compete with BWW and steal their market share (they did all summer here with probably 8x the amount of customers when I drove by them), as their food is fresh and made from scratch. You get good affordable food + sports at B33. BWW has expensive so-so food (wings are good, but rest is meh) + sports.

Given B33 generating sales on par with TXRH, but being more profitable (better margins), I expect successful expansion in the 2020's decade. I.e., You'll get your B33 soon enough. winking smiley

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No this was in 2016. Our BWW closed several years ago, then it came back and then it closed in 2019 I believe
@Isaiah4031a wrote:

No this was in 2016. Our BWW closed several years ago, then it came back and then it closed in 2019 I believe
Oh, I see.

2015-2016 were tough years for the U.S. economy (and why I think Trump won, as an aside). I wouldn't be surprised from cancelled expansion plans during those years. But, who knows why they did that. smiling smiley

Yeah, BWW has struggled in recent years. I remember they were bought out by Arby's parent company and had some activist shareholder struggles (I think). Football ratings dived by 5.3% in 2016 too (partly related to bad underperforming teams and national anthem protest issues) from a Mashed YouTube video I saw related to BWW. The lack of business for sports bars during this time may have impacted both BWW and B33.
Did they give you a reason for the cancellation?

We had one curbside posted a few days ago and, of course, it was immediately snapped up. Then a couple days later they posted several (we have two TR's here) and I was able to get one assigned to me and scheduled for the 11th. I wish Bubba's would do some curbside. I was doing their bar dinner shops and really got to like the place. Not so much for the sports TVs but because of the people who worked there. They were a lot more friendly than the ones at TR.
Marg704- I am sorry. I wonder why it was cancelled?

Shoptastic-I liked BBW and I like when they were Mystery shop. I emailed them asking why they pulled out but they never replied back. Now we are getting an Burlington where Bubba's was supposed to have been going.. They were going to tear down the old building (Which was Toy R US) and put Bubba's in its place. Now they are just redoing the building. I know we can't name the company but is Burlington shop?

Hopefully when I travel I am able to come across a Bubba's and I am able to do a shop? Is the report just as easy as TRH?
I also got an email for a Bubba's shop but before I could get to the website it was gone! We only have one Bubba's here. I was told that they were going to do another Bubba's on the West side as they did TR. I have to assume it is still in the works but placed on hold until the economy picks up and the pandemic comes to an end.
As it applies to BWW, I would instantly assign as many as possible for the following reason:

1-I enjoyed the food
2-Other than a single drink, there were not any ordering requirements.
3-I was permitted to dine without a guest
4-A wide range of dates were available and without immediately choosing a specific day.
5-The work paid $20 + a reimbursement of $25, which was discounted by my military service at 10 to 20%.
6-The report took approx. 30 minutes.
No reason for the cancellation - just an apology that they had to cancel. Dine in restrictions were lifted again. I am in PA.
Maybe they will do some dine in shops. I'm in NM and we are still restricted to no dining in.
I would love to do the dining room part but I have to take an guest with me and I do not like eating at the bar.

With more COVID hitting our area they had limited bars to 50 %.
I'm the opposite. I hate taking anyone with me because I don't like to be dependent on another person's schedule and I'm not married. I love eating at the bar as I sometimes find someone who is interesting to chat with.
In fact I just got back from having a nice lunch with an friend who I have not seen about two years.. His wife came in where I worked about an month ago and we caught up.. He came in about an week later and we talked and we exchanged numbers. Lucky both of us were free around lunch time smiling smiley

If this was a one person shop (Like BWW) was then I would do them every chance I get.
@Isaiah4031a wrote:

If this was a one person shop (Like BWW) was then I would do them every chance I get.

I did one of the bar shops at TRH by myself several years ago. Might be they were desparate to get it done. You might check the guidelines or contact a scheduler.
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