@wrosie wrote:

I've been debating for a while if I would be better off doing two shops at $21 or wait and do one shop for $30 in a two week period.

I think there is a one week rotation isn't there?
I thought that it was a three-week rotation.

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For those who did shops that still had the old reimbursement after they increased it to $15.45 in May, be sure to check your payment history. I did one and the Helpdesk email person assured me that it would be increased after I submitted it. It will not come as a surprise to hear that they did not, and I only got the old $14.20 rate.

And yes, I did just send them another email.

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@HonnyBrown wrote:

I say follow the money and toss the shake.

@MisterBill wrote:

@Tanischri87 wrote:

I’m overweight and dump the shakes when we have to order them. They look great though.
That's very sad. You should just let someone else take the shake shops and pick another one for that location.

I usually take my shakes home for someone to enjoy. I also order them after I eat my meal. It doesn't make sense to me to order a meal, a drink and a shake at the same time. The shake would be more of a dessert to me and the company has not given me any problems with submitting 2 receipts on my scan.
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