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Just because it is the norm does not make it good. Good management knows that only in-person observation can give a meaningful understanding of an employee's drive, empathy, and desire to go the extra mile both for the customer and the company.
It's not really the norm (yet), Rousseau. Certainly, small business cannot afford Big Data and analytics programs to aid them. It's costly.

Small business mystery shops (Joe's Diner across the street, Maggie's Bistro next door....) that do survey quantitative data points, though, can still provide management with useful metrics of performance. They are just not number crunched and analyzed with A.I. the way a large corporation might do.

In sports, there is an age-old question/debate over data and analytics. It seems the best performing sports teams often use a combination of human coaching decision-making and analytics insights. That's how I feel about business too. Human imagination and "feel" can complement analytics and vice versa. I don't see one has better or useless.
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But then, I do not believe that any mega business can be good.
I respectfully would have to disagree. While large corporations sometimes do engage in exploitative, unfair, and otherwise harmful practices and get away with it more easily, there are plenty of wonderful companies out there that provide a beloved service and are run with good values. For favorite example?: TEXAS ROADHOUSE

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