Presto gas stations- how do you order your pumps?

If it’s a few pumps, I try to put them in numerical order but a station with a lot, I enter them in the order I evaluate them. So Dispenser 1 might be number 13, and isn’t that why there is a field for the dispenser number to be entered? I just got one kicked back because the photos do not match the Dispenser numbers. But they do match the number I entered in the first field. Been doing it that way since they put them in Presto. Just curious what others do. Sorry this is so long.

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I keep them in order, pump 1 is one and so on. The reason for that is, so that if I missed a pump from let's say a customer was at the pump, it's easier to catch which one it was if you keep them in order. Now, I don't wait for customers to move, I will jump from one pump to another for the audit, but I always keep them in order in the report. Nothing worse then missing a pump and having to return to the station to fix the mistake.
No one and I mean no one is taking these in my state. They have got to know it is too hot, too dangerous, and too much work for $16. I did hundreds of these last time, but not for that kind of money
There is NO WAY I would do more than 4 pumps in this app. It is hard enough to get Internet here in the west much less spend 15 minutes or more taking pictures to each question in order. I have not found anyway to advance then come back to another question. The old MaritzCX app was the only one I used for this and it was murder to get them done in a live shop. Cardstops only. The only shops I have done on Presto are the safety audits and the menu boards. The safety audits would let you use stored pics which was a lifesaver.
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