Ending date for gas station audits?

Hello. Can anyone tell me if 7/31 is going to be the last date for the gas station mystery shops with revealed audit? I assumed they needed to be completed by the end of the month but there are still a LOT available (“make an offer”) in the rural areas of California and they have been sitting for a couple of weeks now. As of today (7/30), they are listed as available for 7/30 or 7/31. Of course, I’m not available either those days but have the whole day free on 8/1! Do you think they might be pushed to 8/1??? Has anyone seen that happen.
I know no one can read the future, just looking for opinions and/or what has happened in the past. Thanks!

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If you are talking about the red and blue gas stations, there are different types - some of them will be monthly, those cannot be pushed past the last day of each month. Others are quarterly - as this is the first month of the quarter, I am sure they can be pushed past 7/31. You should be able to tell which kind you're looking at by filtering the results - if it says P7 they will be for month 7, if it says Q3 it's for the 3rd quarter... Good luck!
If it is a P7, they will do everything they possibly can to get it done by the 31st. However, they will open up the 1st or 2nd if nothing happens. I would pay close attention to it/them for the rest of today and tomorrow.
Thank you all for the info. I’m not sure if it’s the same company because I don’t see anything indicating P7 or Q3. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and see what happens! Thanks!
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