Green Gas Station - two types of shop

Anyone take up the MSC and do the two audits back to back? Consumer and Visual?
Are they both pretty much the same, both appear to generally require photos of all the dispensers. Which seems redundant.

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It's many of the same photos on each, correct? - did you do two round of photos of each pump or just one and submit it for both reports?
Based on what I've read about shops being rejected for duplicate photos, even when they were obviously and distinctly different, I would not take that chance.

I've done this in the past and airways use different pictures. My new routine is to use the app and do the CA. As I do the pumps, I switch back and forth with the camera and take extras, including closeups of the valances, skirts, and fascias. This gives me some measure of safety if I miss something. I'll also take some extra mandatory pictures at different angles. After finished with this, then I go make a purchase for the VS and do all those pictures on the app. I usually have already noticed all the details so it is quick to do this report and if a pump is blocked I then have my previous backup picture to use. Unless things are terrible, I can finish in under an hour and I don't have to worry about going back if I missed something.
Depending on how far apart the stations are I have done shops at the same place for two and even three MSC companies. But they were also checking different things. I just did them one after the other and left the full date and time stamp in the metadata. Had to point it out to one MSC. They said that they can be altered. So I asked them if you think it is faked then how come one is in the morning and the other is in the afternoon. What I'm that good that I moved the Earth and the Sun?

Depending on how raw apart: did read like this.

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I have a question on the VS shop. In the past when I did these, I would take a full picture of the pump and one close up. Today when I did them, if I took a second close up picture, it would replace the one I had done. Has anyone else experienced not being able to take a second picture of the pump?
I have literally done well over 1000 of these shops and with previous company would have route of 100 sites with a 7 week window.
For the record, I'm aware you can take pictures inside the report or take your pics and insert that way. I just had a shop that needed to be corrected, because she wanted all the pumps in numerical order. First for me. Here in central FL, many locations are also circle k stores. 20 or 24 pumps per location. Can you imagine waiting one after another to stay in numerical order.
I emailed the editor. Explained to her in dispenser series question in asks number of pumps and gives you those numbers in numerical order. It then lists those numbers and asks you what dispenser number for each dispenser.
For the green gas station shops, my hard-and-fast rule is this: Take more pictures than you will ever need. Have at least two for every single question. Snap several of items under the canopy, even if you think they're compliant. See a speck of dirt? Even if you don't end up uploading it, into the photo album it goes! Don't see a requirement for close-ups? Take them anyway! Anything to prevent having to go back.

In other words, act as though the station is the featured spread for Vogue magazine.

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I have completed a bunch of these and my dispenser pictures were always sideways on the app but not when I downloaded them to the computer. Finally a editor told me to hold my phone sideways and that took care of the problem. No other shop app has that problem that I work with.
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