Arby's Reimbursement - MSC still covering the overage?

So prior to the slowdown, the MSC used to still pay the difference between the reimbursement and what the LTO small combo was for the month. Anyone know if this is still true? I thought this verbiage used to be in the guidelines, but i can't seem to find it anymore.

My area is charging close to $12 for the FISH LTO and that's quite a bit higher than the $8.75 stated reimbursement.

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You are correct in that the verbiage no longer exists.

I've done several Arby's since they reappeared, and the reimbursement was limited to the guidelines amount. More precisely, I guess, I should say I was reimbursed the amount on the guidelines.

Makes them not worth doing, unless you receive a bonus.
I had the same experience as Ceasesmith above. At least in my area it's only $0.50 or so difference and I won't take them at reimbursement only or reimbursement plus a little.
They are drive thru's so I cut them a little slack. I offered to do some for $25 but someone else got them. Waiting on an answer for a couple of $12 ones but not holding out much luck.
I also got the stated reimbursement despite the required order being almost $2 more. Live - or shop - and learn....
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