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At this time I will be a customer at the Chipotle Store (pay on my own dime) and wondered what taste great on the menu?, What have you guys eaten there that you enjoyed? They are building on right down the street! smiling smiley

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How is this a shop if you are not getting reimbursed.

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Get a bowl and you can select your own ingredients. I usually get 2 meals out of one order.
Everything tastes great with exception of the chicken imo. I ordered it a few times when I first started patronizing and was so turned off by the gristle. I get the sofritas, white rice, corn, tomatoes, fajita's (a bit greasy but it's a small amount), lettuce and cheese. Once in a while I will add a tortilla or order carnitas instead of sofritas. Guacamole is a sometimes choice too. So fresh and delicious. We will be ordering from Chipotle this Friday for dinner. Enjoy.
I always get the salad and ask for a tortilla on the side. Also I love their salad dressing but I always have to ask for that and I take it home with me. Chipotle will give you more or less of any item you request except for the protein (meats, guac, sofritas) . When you order the salad you get extra lettuce if you like that but you can still fill the rest of the bowl with as many of the other ingredients you choose. Personally I do not like the Sofritas. I tried it when it first came out but then tried it again a few weeks ago. Still don't like it. I get a veggie which comes with guac instead of meat.
When I did the shops, I used to order a bowl and three soft taco shells, which were free. I could then eat one or two “mini burritos” and take the leftovers home to eat another day. I haven’t been back since the mystery shops ended though.
@SunnyDays2 wrote:

At this time I will be a customer at the Chipotle Store (pay on my own dime) and wondered what taste great on the menu?,

IME, Nothing tasted great. At best, a few things were acceptable. I generally ordered a Carnitas Salad. I only did the shops as a diversion; I enjoyed the survey form. IMO, if one wants great tastes, one ought avoid all chain restaurants. Holes-in-the-wall are where good tastes can be found. Probably, another year or two before eating out is reasonably safe.

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I am a Mexican food lover and usually only eat at hole in the wall places of which there are many in LA> When I first started eating at Chipotle I did not really like it much because my mind set was it was Mexican food. Once I got over that and put it into its own category in my head that was not trying to taste like authentic mexican food i started to love it. I love Blaze pizza too but would not compare to what i order to a regular pizza somewhere else. They are both kind of in their own category of goodness.
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