Question about qualifying test

I am trying to pass a qualifying test to do shops at convenience stores for sassie thru presto mobile. The shops are not revealed and are checking prices on tobacco and soft drinks. I have read the shop guidelines at least 4 times. The question is nit answered in the guidelines. Maybe someone can help me. Heres the question

What should you do if you cannot locate an item on your list or the price is not visible?

a. Ask the cashier the price of the item
b. If you found the product but could not locate a price, enter 0. If you could not find the product OR the price, enter 99.
c. Record the price of a similar item in the same size but different brand
d. Record the price of a similar item in the same brand but different size

Nevermind. I figured it out. If you wanted to know, its what i thought it was. I had a different question wrong. lol

Answer: b.

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