Mystery Shopping Movie

How would mystery shopping be portrayed in the movies? I believe it would be something like this.
Title: Seven years a MF Slave.
Storyline: Loosely based on the life of the shopper who was mysteriously murdered a few years ago.
Actor: Tom Hanks with a scruffy beard like he had in Cast Away.

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A friend watched an Italian film he claims was about a hotel mystery shopper -- although the blurb calls her a "critic." I'll get around to seeing it one of these days as it is on Amazon Prime. []
Great movie, a product placement one for a certain hotel chain. It was amusing to see the shopper's questionnaire and report form on her computer. Definitely realistic in terms of MSing that caliber of hotel.
@panama18 wrote:

A movie about a mystery shopper. Nah, that wouldn't be boring at all. Yawn.

It might need a bit of spicing up. @SteveSoCal sleazy massage parlor stories could form the basis of some scenes.
I have read some books in a mystery shopping series by Kate Harrison. I am sure someone will make a mystery shopping movie sometime. It will be as good as all the other cosy mysteries on TV.
Flower shop mysteries, Garage sale mysteries, etc. etc.
Watch the TV series, "Mystery Diners," to get an idea how a mystery shopping movie would go.

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