Should have paid attention to the address

I'm having my first instance of a shop being rejected for being the wrong location. This was in the adjacent town where there is only one of this particular store in that town. This company dings you if you need to reschedule, and the shop is weather dependent, so I never schedule in advance.I wait until I am near a store and the weather is good, and then I schedule right before performing it. It got returned to me for being the wrong location. Somehow they still have listed the old address of this store (which is now the middle of a busy roundabout intersection) and also the current location just down the street. This is a state road that has a name change for the in-town portion of it. So the two addresses look like different roads despite being the same one. This shop is new to this MSC (and I am new to them). I wonder if I am the first person to ever submit a receipt from there because if seems to go unfilled each month since they got it . I sent an explanation, but I'm not certain they will accept the shop since I did not technically go to the listed address. Google Maps and the chain's website confirm there is only the one location. I actually would have taken one of their other listings for this town, but the date window had already passed and I didn't want to risk a rejection for that. I'd rather not name the MSC. Just wondering if they'll stand by their rejection.

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Which MSC? I had an odd ones which the address updated by the county but not on the shop and was able to get paid. I have also had to prove address on shop paperwork was wrong too. Or address on receipt was way wrong but shopped the right location. Been able to get paid and all three were different MSCs.
I got a follow-up today along the lines of "Sorry for our mistake and your inconvenience, but could you reload your photos that we already deleted?" so I guess I'm good. That has never happened to me before, so I was worried.
as long as you have the photos you can reupload you should be good.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
So they accepted my report after I re-uploaded photos (that they deleted in error) and deducted two points for having to contact me.
I have done several shops where the address from the MSC/Customer is wrong. I try to make note of it when I am able to do so in the report, but some reports do not allow for extra information. Like those very common Fast Food Burger shops going around. I have three on my regular route that have incorrect addresses. These are relatively new locations for the chain and the area is still being built up so the numbers are off a few. I just include pictures of the correct address of the building. Some of the gas station audits have had the same issue, but you can note it on the report. It is important with the gas stations to make sure you have the right store number. If you are in doubt, it is usually on the window or door of the building. @Threemom what they did is not acceptable. If it is not your error, you should not have been penalized and if you had to re-enter the report you should have been compensated. (IMHO)
Thankfully I only needed to reload 2 photos and they did not ask for the whole report again. This was for Shared Insight and they give 2 "bonus" points for not rescheduling from the original date you pick. So it didn't affect my rating with them that they subtracted 2 points. I won't be in a hurry to work with them again though.
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