Has anyone heard of MSG Shoppers LLC?

Has anyone heard of MSG Shoppers LLC? Got an email stating that they are accepting applications for mystery shoppers. This screams scam! Does anyone know about this company? Here is the email I received.

"Msg Shoppers LLC is accepting applications from
individuals to become Secret shoppers. There is no charge to
become a shopper.  At msg Shoppers, you will never pay to shop! We pay you!
The assignment will pay you $400/ evaluation and an avg. of 2 evaluations a week.
Show ONLY your continued interest by sending me the following
Full name(s) :
Full Physical Address :
City, State and Zip :
Contact Numbers(CELL** & Home) :
Email addresses(If you use more than 1) :
Age :
Current Occupation :
Last Position Held :
Your response would be highly appreciated.
Human Resources
Msg Shoppers LLC

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I haven't, and nothing comes up through search. $400 is a pretty steep fee for a shop -- definitely sounds like a scam. If not, sign me up!
This is a standard format scam. Legitimate companies have you sign up on their website and the price is out of the ballpark for shops. So use some common sense and hit that famous "delete" button on your computer.
I have noticed that the more companies I sign up with, the more of these SCAM e-mails I get. Every time I go through and sign up with a few legitimate companies, I get e-mails just like this for the next few days. I just wonder how they know to target my e-mail - or is it some kind of strange coincidence?
Dang, that's what I was gonna saysmiling smiley

SteveSoCal Wrote:
> I think it's safe to say we should all avoid
> MSG.....;^)

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