How do the e-commerce shops get filled so quickly?

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I happened to be on my computer when I got the first email. There were all open locations at a store I wanted to do. I grabbed one, paused for a bit to think about scheduling and bam...everything gonzo. And each subsequent email after that first one had every single location scheduled by the time I checked. Well, at least I got one. Boy, they sure do fly.

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Zen Shin Talks
They are only scheduling a handful for each chain, not every location. So if someone cancels or flakes another email goes out even if just one or two slots are open.

I likewise made the mistake of checking if a location along my route tonight had same day pickup. By the time I confirmed it did all the shops had been claimed.

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Why? Because there are people willing to take them at the ridiculously low fee being offered.
Rousseau, the holidays are coming and a $20 discount on a gift is not a bad thing, especially if it's somewhere you shop anyway.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Zen Shin Talks
@MsJudi wrote:

Rousseau, the holidays are coming and a $20 discount on a gift is not a bad thing, especially if it's somewhere you shop anyway.

Holidays exist in each and every month. I for one refuse to buy into the game that a reimbursement is fee. Not only does one end of up with something that one would likely have not purchased in the first place, unless one discards or gives the item to charity, the reimbursement becomes taxable income as one retains value in the item purchased.

Besides the fees offered aren't enough for me to click the apply button, let alone check to see if the shop has been awarded. Not to mention venture out to the location and write a report. YMMV.
For many shoppers these stores have myriad items they would have purchased regardless. A curbside pickup usually takes five minutes. The no-narrative report takes five minutes. Of course no shop is for everyone, but it’s not hard to understand why many shoppers find the fee and reimbursement worthwhile.
I actually picked up a restaurant ecommerce that I completed and got paid for and a retail ecommerce shop where I didn't get paid. Both had a $10 fee and either $15 (food) or $20 (retail) reimbursement.

For the retail shop, first I couldn't find anything that was available for purchase online with curbside pickup anywhere near the reimbursement price. I kept getting, not available for online purchase when I'd select an item like socks, underwear, hats, gloves and t-shirts.

Secondly, when I tried to open up an online account, the store's website would not accept my information. The report has a question along the lines of "Were you able to open an online account?" I answered "no" and the rest of the report went away. I submitted the report figuring I would get the shop pay of $10.

The reply:

"Reviewer comments: This shop has been excluded without pay since you did not setup an retailer account as required."
Very popular and easy to do. Nice reimbursement.

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Another reason they fly off the least where i live there is virus and many shoppers are not interested in going inside for a shop. On top of that the shop availability at this time is very limited. Restaurants here were open for about 2 weeks indoors since March and tomorrow they close again even outdoors. These places are suffering and not offering any mystery shops at all. Same for a lot of retail The malls are pretty empty. Some stores if they had a mystery shopper it might be their only sale of the day... No, relatively few mystery shops are available and the online ones are sought after for safety from covid reasons.
I went back to look at some of the emails they sent out.... it turns out, I've been pissed at myself this whole time. lol. I thought each email was a new round of shops.
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