PRO or ISO Shops thoughts

I'm seeing quite a few of these being posted in my area. I haven't done one and just wonder what is the time commitment generally for one of these shops between buying all the stuff and then having to return it, plus report. Seems to be paying well but...we all know that usually means a great amount of time is also needed.

any guidance is appreciated,

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Are these the home improvement shops where you have to load the stuff in your cart and take a picture of it then return it? About $300 worth?

I applied for an "OSA" one and never heard if I was assigned or not. It's still in the "my applications" list when I log in. It's been about seven days. Tomorrow is the last day of the shopping window.

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I did a few last year. . It can take a little time, about an hour. At least an hour for the first one. Some of the items you have to purchase are similar to others so you must be careful to get the right SKU or the shop might be invalid. I did not like the part of the shop where you needed to get assistance. That could take some time because it's usually a specialty part of the store and you have to speak to the salesperson. I had to speak to someone in kitchen cabinets. If that salesperson was helping another customer I had to wait until they finished with them. That could take time! Then, you had to listen to them yak yak about something you really had no interest in. I think you need to do a curbside pickup too???? That's new! That will add time. I don't plan on doing any at this point because I don't want to spend an hour or so inside any public places right now. I was going to a bank the other day and while I was standing in line (outside) I asked the security guard why the line was so long and slow. She said Covid. Almost every employee at the branch had it. They only had two tellers, and yesterday they had none. No thanks!
I have done two OSA shops, no pro shops. I don’t think it’s worth the pay for the time involved. There is a curbside portion, specialty potion and required comments after each item is found. I did these with the old company for the same pay. I won’t do them for less than $75 in the future, which means I probably won’t be doing them as this part of the company don’t seem to bonus much. My first shop took two hours. I had a very thorough carpet person and the associate couldn’t find the last item on the shopping list and I waited for quite awhile while he tried to find it and the return line was long. The second shop was a bit more reasonable at 75 minutes. To each their own though. Try one, if you don’t like it, don’t do another one.
My thoughts? 10 foot pole list!

I used to do them for $125 (100 miles away, though), when you ordered a small item online and picked it up and then returned it.

This one is way more work.
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