Where, oh where, did my gas station shops go? The ones with the giant green dinosaur....

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I was told that they will restart in February, as usual, with Ipsos on Shopmetrics. They are my favorites also!
To my surprise, the Green Dinosaur has slowly begun to reappear in NJ after an absence of several decades.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
Wow, I didn't realize the green dinosaur gas station still existed. Thought it was a relic of my youth like Getty Gas or "Esso" (put a tiger in your tank! Now Exxon).
I will do them if I can be just a shopper. I do not want to do the shop-to-audit gigs.

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Yes. Posted on Shopmetrics! I'm happy they didn't end up on Sassie which is bad for real-time photo evaluations.
I did not pass the test on my first try - but I have no idea which one I missed, since it seems so easy as I have done thousands of these. Frustrating when they don't show us which question we missed, as Maritz did. Did anyone else have trouble with it?
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