MF tax prep office audits

I'm not talking about the shop where they do your taxes for you, in this one you are auditing a tax prep office. They say the audit should take "15-40 minutes" and require "up to 5 photos."

Is this accurate? Has anyone done one of these?

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I have done more than several, fewer than many.

Easy peasy -- unless the place is busy and you must wait for customers to leave. You must not interrupt the work. Report's a breeze.
What do you think is a good rate for one of these? They are currently on the board at $18-20 which isn’t enough to lure me...yet. I’m hoping they move to make an offer soon.
The visits are brief if there are no customers, and as cease said, the reports are a breeze. I've done local ones near me for $14. They first came out for $8, and I thought, no way! There are some a bit further from me going now for $20, but I'll wait till they go up a bit higher. I enjoy these.
I usually wait until they either go to make an offer, or in the good old days, a scheduler would call and offer me a bonus. But remember, there are NO shops "near me" -- each one is at least 60 miles away. I normally get about $45 for one of these, but I also must make a mini-route out of it to make it at all profitable, by picking up other shops in the same town.
Fee has gone up so took a second one for next week. The location I took looks like it may be in a private residence based on Google Street View, which the instructions say should mean I don't go. Will I get paid if this proves to be the case?

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As far as I know, if you call and find it's a no-go, you should be paid $3. If you have to go to find out it's closed (or private residence) you should be paid 1/2 fee. Hope that helps. Take a photo of exterior if you do go.

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There are 2 in my very close area that I KNOW are residences....I'm not even bothering with those.
If you know they are residences, I suggest accepting them and picking up the $3 fee for doing very little. If you don't, someone will.
@guysmom wrote:

There are 2 in my very close area that I KNOW are residences....I'm not even bothering with those.

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I had a MSC tell me I had shopped the wrong address, and she sent me a Google street view screenshot to "prove" she was right.

The Google street scene was SEVEN YEARS out of date. I had to drive back and take a current photo of the address she sent showing it is now a hardware shop -- that had been in that location for seven years.
Well it looks like neither of mine is going to happen. In one, the guy on the phone was willing to do the audit, but it turned out he works out of his home so I had to file the report saying the location is a residence.

In the second, the woman said she'd need to ask someone at the corporate level before OK'ing it. That just started the fun. It turns out that the address I was given was for an office that is only open by appointment, and unbeknownst to me the listed phone number automatically routed to a larger "main" office in another town. I didn't know this until I tried to confirm the address with the woman I was speaking to. She said she'd ask her superior to set it up so that someone could be at the appointment-only office on my planned date (2/15), and that she'd call me back promptly. Haven't heard back.

MSC told me that if I don't get a call-back by Monday (I'm pretty sure I won't), just file a report in intimate detail listing the office as a closed location.

Oh well, 6 bucks for 2 phone calls is 6 bucks I guess lol.
Anyone know if this same client will be doing the actual “tax prep” shops this year? I’d always done my own, but last year decided to do a shop... and it wasn’t bad — and the report wasn’t bad either. I actually had a pleasant experience — and would totally do it again this year. My tax prep fees got paid and I made 50 bucks.

That said... at this time last year both the audits and tax prep shops were posted by now.

I did see the chain with the poor people who have to hit the street as the mascot — that’s with another MSP lol

**just noticed this said MF... MSP I’m thinking of is CI — but the scenario is the same

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