night job gas station

Has anyone had difficulty passing test for green gas station night jobs? I have done these jobs in the past with no problem but this year I cannot pass the test.

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Same here. I have 25 assigned to do before month end and cant get thorough the test. Of course the help email is being zero help. In the past the scheduler basically sent you the answers when you had this issue but i cant get through to anyone this time.
Same problem here. I emailed the "help" email and didn't receive a response. I asked a favorite scheduler for that scheduler's email. I emailed the appropriate scheduler - no response. I'm just putting my efforts elsewhere.
I passed it, my suggestion is print out the questions, it helps. Look at the percentage that you got correct and then read the questions again, change the answer to the question you think you have wrong and see if it increases or decreases the percentage you have correct, that's how I ended up passing it.
I passed a while ago and remember at least one question that had an answer that I knew from doing them previously but was not in their guidelines. I wish I could remember what it was. I think it had to do with a photo requirement that wasn't listed in their guidelines, but was in the quiz. There's another thread regarding this and I posted there a few months ago.

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