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Anyone done the bank complaint shops (I assume I can discuss the scenarios since I am not mentioning the client or company)? They seem ridiculous to me, especially the one where you complain that they don't have an in-branch computer (when you already have a smartphone in your pocket). Other shops have you complaining about an unauthorized opening of an account, which of course you knowingly opened.

Wondering if the goal is simply to connect you to corporate and not attempt to resolve your concern, and they're just checking that is being done.

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The goal is to find out how the bank employee handles your complaint.

I have done quite a few of these shops. The complaints are not as ridiculous as you may think. The trick is to figure out how to come across as believable. There is a reason why these shops (especially the ones done over the phone) pay relatively well.
Before I accept one of the shops for the same client that requires that I open a (second) checking or savings account, I already have a backstory in mind so it will be easier for me to do a credible complaint shop after I close that account.
I think they need to come up with different scenarios. I actually have a couple accounts and have valid personal reasons to call and complain. Unfortunately, my reasons don't include whether they have a computer in the lobby. Also, I won't do them for the same reason I don't do haz mat shops. With canned scenarios, I assume that everyone knows I am a mystery shopper. My entire shopper opportunity list is literally dominated with these shops.
I don't know how many real life complaints the bank client got from the computer scenario but the unauthorized account opening scenario cost the bank over $100 million in fines and refunds. The issue was big and serious enough that it resulted in these shops. I suspect that is why the shops use "canned" scenarios.
I've done all versions of these. They are pretty easy. Although one time I went to the bank to complain about an account opened in error and it turns out that the banker that helped me was the husband of the associate at the other bank 25 miles away who opened the account for me. Slightly awkward but there'd been enough time in between that it was easy enough to act my way through it.

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I do their phone complaint shops every rotation. It's the only one I will do.

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I did one and the time I did a second, they actually had in my file that I'd already complained about it. No more of these for me.
The only ones I'll do for this brand are the teller shops. Love them, but the way. I just can't see myself pulling it off. Oh, and I've done a few debit card ones too. They're okay, but can't do them too often.

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I won't do these. I'd find it too hard to pull it off. Even the phone ones. I like the debit card ones, though!

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@BirdyC wrote:

I won't do these. I'd find it too hard to pull it off. Even the phone ones. I like the debit card ones, though!
Yeah, I was thinking of doing one of the debit card shops. I just recently opened the account but could tell them I cut p the wrong one when I got it smiling smiley
@amberng wrote:

complaint? do you mean compliant ?
Well, it's to see if they are being compliant in how they handle complaints.

But my spelling was correct.

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