Idiotic shoppers

@PA Shopper wrote:

People really need to know the value of the work that we do. Taking no fee shops indicates that you do not understand the value of your work for the company. People that take no fee jobs just lower the fees for everyone.

That's only a partial view.... If I have a fully-reimbursed oil change, I get a $50 value for myself as my car needs periodic oil changes. Since I was going to be getting the service anyhow, that's not bad payment for a little report. Of course, getting a payment in addition to the reimbursement would be great, but might not be necessary to make it worthwhile for me. Several times, I've needed to fly somewhere. I found a shop that reimbursed half my airfare. Doing the "shop" was well worth the $150-$200 partial reimbursement........ Those shops had a significant monetary value to me, even though their payment was naught but "reimbursement."

When I was looking to purchase my last car, I knew I would be visiting quite a few dealerships and test driving vehicles. So, I picked up some shops for cars I wanted to test drive anyhow. They pay wasn't "great," but, as I was going to spend time on car lots anyhow, it was really just payment for writing the reports - which made it worth my while.... I've learned to play certain casino card games very well - so I win more often than I lose. Casino shops that reimburse my losses and let me keep my winnings are really valuable to me.

One of they keys to doing well in this industry is finding shops that might have more value to you personally than somebody else....

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

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I agree with MFJohnson.
I took several low paying mattress shops, as I was looking to buy a mattress and figured as I was going to be there anyway, that I might as while get paid something. The same thing with the full service car washes that don't pay much, the report is short and I take one when my car needs a wash and it gets cleaned and vacuumed, windows washed on inside, that all saves me having to do that home.
@F and L TeleComm wrote:

I understand the statement that we don't know someone's situation so maybe they need those groceries. and maybe they are not being an idiot, but aren't those the people that need the shop fee even more than we do??? So the fault then goes back to the MSP for insulting low-income people and getting the shop done for free! I have grocery stores for MF that I do for a $15 dollar fee and one that I get 30 dollars for. The same exact shop.
How fast can you complete the MF grocery shops?
It normally takes me 30 minutes or longer depending on how hard it is to find people or if I'm shopping too. But I don't know how to cheat. I can't just walk in and pretend to do the assignment, I really do it EVERY single time no matter how rushed I am. That someone takes it for free, makes me wonder if I'm the only one really doing it. I can't do that. It's one thing forgetting to check a bathroom and another just going in and grabbing some groceries and filling out a report. TS's grocery store takes up to an hour sometimes (PreCOVID). I don't really make much money on grocery shops (I do gas stations), but it helps me get some money back for necessities when money is tight. Sometimes I get food stamps, sometimes I don't. But if your going to cheat the system, then please don't be a mystery shopper. Lousy customer service is a pet peeve of mine since I was trained in customer service by 7/11. I sort of took it to heart.
@F and L TeleComm wrote:

TS's grocery store takes up to an hour sometimes (PreCOVID).
For some reason, the TS grocery shops took me forever (both in-store and writing them up).

Pure torture. lol God Bless those who have to suffer through them! They do provide essentials.

I've heard some forum members say they get in and out of the store in 15-25 minutes. That's maybe happened to me two or three times, but I usually take 45 minutes or more.
There is only one reason I would ever do shops for no pay. In Las Vegas we don't call them shops; We call them auditions, and they are usually required to get a job in the casino industry as well as in the mystery shopping business.
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