Project Tuscany

Any ideas what this project entails? All it says in the description is that you have to have an email address on your phone, "register", and send screenshots (20 a day!). Also, "All communication should be done through the shop report. No emails are sent or received on this project."

That's about the gist of the description.

Any ideas?

Pay is $200, so I'm thinking it may be worth my time, but I need more details before I sign up.

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Wow. No further info on this "project". Too nebulous for me. No, nope, huh-uh, dream on ...
Not a chance of a snowball in hell.
I:'ve been doing this project and still don't know if I'm doing it right. Not alot of feedback or communication.
I was told no news is good news. The scheduler is reaching out to those with issues with their uploads. I was not impressed with the communication (or lack there of) on this project either.

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper

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