Whoa! Mystery shop to see if you can buy drugs?

Shop is offered for a vape shop client and they want to see if you can buy something called "kratom." I'd never heard of it but did a little research but apparently this is a derivative of a SE Asian plant that has "opioid-like effects." Not yet illegal in USA although I suppose that may change?

Odd. Got to wonder about a company that needs mystery shoppers to find if their outlets are selling mind-altering drugs.

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That sounds like a fun shop. It needs to be done, like bribing the money transfer agent.

I need to find out who the MSC is. What is the pay?

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Kratom is derived from a tree which grows in SE Asia and is effective for pain control. The active ingredients produce an effect similar to an opioid, but is not an opioid. It is not a drug, though attempts have been made to restrict and control it.
I have used kratom for pain control from my thoracic scoliosis, and it works. It is not a mind altering anything, but rather a safe and effective alternative to dangerous and addictive pharmaceuticals.
I've done a lot of audits where one of the things not allowed is Kratom. They usually call it a "snythetic" drug. Y'all make it sound like....well, aspirin is from a traditional American Indian pain relief, boiling the bark of a tree. Turns out that's the source of Aspirin.

Sorry. I can neither type nor think clearly this morning!
Most gas station brands that get mystery shops do not allow kratom. In much the same way that they don't allow drug paraphernalia. Although technically these things are not illegal they are just against the brand standard. When I do the strip club mystery shops, I have to insinuate that I'm looking for drugs during one or two of the private dances. but I don't come right out and ask for it. I just insinuat it iin certain ways. And that's probably the mildest and least wild thing I have to insinuate during the evaluation.
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