I do ships for bestmark n customer impact im long overdue payments and i cant get answers where my payments are they dont do checks just PayPal anyone else have this issue??

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Customer Impact pays out the 15th-25th of the month following the month that you did job.
They also have direct deposit.
I have been paid for my Jan jobs.My Feb jobs get paid this month within the next 1 - 2 weeks.
Jolene, are these the first jobs you've done for these companies, or do you have past history with them for shops you've completed and been paid for?
Hi Jolene1971!

My name is Daniel Price with Customer Impact. We pride ourselves on always staying current with all payment owed to our great reps and shoppers. As mentioned on here, our pay period for a month's work is between the 15th-25th of the month following. Usually it's within the 20th-25th but when we can we like to pay earlier in our posted window.

If you have not been paid by us for work completed that you think is past due, I'd like to look into it immediately because there might be an incorrect date or status that is holding it up. Please feel free to private message me on here, or email me at and I'll look into it for you.

Daniel Price
Chief Operating Officer
Customer Impact, LLC
Agreed, never had a problem with Customer Impact.

Mr Price and his team are very transparent and easy to work with I have no problem accepting work from this MSC.
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