Two shops, two different MSCs, same place, same time?

A quandary -- to me, perhaps not to others.

One MSC has a fast food shop.

Another MSC has a QSR shop at the exact same location, same time. Different requirements, but purchase requirements are identical.

Would you do both simultaneously, or do one and do the second entirely afterward? (Which would cut the effective pay in half, as if that matters!)

Thoughts, comments, opinions?

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It sounds like fair game in terms of different clients such that you are not giving one client two reports on the same visit. I would do two different purchases to avoid possible complaints because it would appear the purchases are specific rather than just a proof of date/time/location of visit.
Actually, there's no way to tell if the clients are two separate clients, if the new MSC is testing to see if the client will switch to them, or what. One MSC has had the shop over a year; the new MSC, this is the first month.
Agreed keep yourself out of trouble it needs to be two separate visits. Even if it means walking out waiting a couple minutes and then coming back in and doing the second one.

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Especially if they're bonused or might be in the future. Or if you really want to continue shopping it. Best not to take a chance on getting blacklisted. Play it safe and, "Keep 'em separated!" I dunno, it was a song.

You know, upon further reflection, if the purchase requirements were different, I wouldn't even have needed to ask the question. Easy peasy -- do one, wait a few minutes, do the other. You know, like some QSRs require only an item off the 1$ menu, more as proof of shop than anything else.

But the purchase requirements are identical, which is what led me to the question. It is, to me, a significant amount of cash.
I agree with the above advice but also think it is probably not legal to get reimbursed twice for a meal you paid for once and take it off your taxes twice. So there is that to consider. But then I do not know the law of reimbursed expenses.
Aha, Sandy, good point! But one is a flat fee, which includes your purchase, and the other is fee plus reimbursement.

But my detailed (to the point of elegance, I may add) bookkeeping would obviate the need for that, anyway; makes your point moot.

Nevertheless, your statement led me to reach my conclusion that I will not do both.
I think it totally depends on the context of the shop. Let's say you get a Publix competitor shop for that MSP. I've done many of these so understand the concepts and requirements. Then let's say you get the other grocery store shop for that other MSP. Questions are different reimbursement is similar but not identical. I would do these two shops together. But in the illustration above, where there was the possibility that the report was going to the same contractor then I see your point. But don't most of us just reinvest reimbursements? I know I do. Reimbursements are not taxable as income, but not really a deduction. Of course, the first year I did thus my 1099 MISC said, "reimbursements". But the last couple of years it just says one lump sum and writing off the gas and home office etc I write off enough to be able to afford my taxes. This past year, with COVID and taking care of my grandkids I wrote off nothing. I only made about 8500k and got a substantial refund.
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