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i find it weird that there’s no “general comments about the store” section. a few locations i frequent could really use a spot to either give an associate a good note, or to highlight a specific area of the store that needs a small fix. i’d like that versus the department questions, if the reports start to change back to how they were before covid.

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The program is definitely up and running. I normally can always get a couple. First, of all, Using the app and inputting before pulling out of the parking lot is not so bad. Secondly, the test still says check the floor in every department but the app only has you checking produce. Thirdly, "three areas" for the parking lot, lobby, restroom, and sidewalk is a crock of bull. You can't even report it now unless it's the restroom (sinks, toilets, and floor!). Dole ultimate caesar is a crock too because the majority of the packages have "white" lettuce! They have gotten better about pulling the bags of rusty lettuce but I still would not buy white and yellow lettuce so what's the point? (I don't buy iceberg lettuce only green red and spinach. There is no nutritional value whatsoever in iceberg lettuce!) Lastly, I don't "normally" spend the whole 14. I try to spend 9-10 per store because my time inputting the report is worth it to me. If I spend 15-20 it's rare because I wanted those items, needed those items, and was just too tired to go somewhere cheaper. (I don't buy meat here I can buy meat for about half the cost of Kroger meat at a neighborhood market in my town. Side note: I love Whoo hoo's, best prices in the store. (most reasonable, haha). It is really hard for me to spend two to three times as much as I know I can spend for an item. That's why buying healthy food is so hard for me. it costs three times as much. i.e. a loaf of bread should be a dollar, not 4-5. Comes from being poor most of my life.
I think it is appropriate to post here that Kroger (and the local brands) have been running many radio and tv ads about their mystery program as an advantage of why they are a better place to shop. It has been awhile since I've seen a retailer mention as such as part of the branding.

Now, like others, I find the shops taken at base rate too often, so I don't do them, but the program should not be going away anytime soon with the marketing.

Well, we have a whole other thread for that apparently:

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