What is the favorite reimbursed item you have ever gotten on a mystery shop

Soooo many, here are just a few:

1) Oil changes & Maintenance on our cars for the last 5 years
2) Kitchen supplies from Ace Restaurant Supply Store
3) 100% for Progressive Glasses for me and same for mom
4) Airfare to visit family

And most important - all those 5 star dinners that I was able to share with my mom, godmother, sis, and dh. These were priceless bits of time.

When you learn, teach, when you get, give. Maya Angelou

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Would loooooove to find any airfare/ticket shops. My guess is most of those went away when COVID hit, or I just haven't found the MSCs for it yet. sad smiley

To stick with airports/flying - the airport parking shops have been fantastic for me, and have saved me quite a bit of money in just a short period of time. Oddly enough, I had been already parking in the same garage for 1-2 years prior to finding out they were mystery shopped.

Other than that, the majority of shops I've done have been for lunch/dinners. Always a good time when you can get together with a friend, catch up on life, have great food, all the while being paid & then reimbursed your expenses. Also enjoyed a lot of the take-out, delivery and drive-thru shops over the past few months. Hope those don't go away now that restaurants are back to (near) normal capacity.
I would have to say oil changes from the car dealership, windshield wipers, Ugg rain boots, suede boots, five star dinners, and family fun events
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