Mileage Tax- not happening

For those of you who might have been concerned, news just came out that the fed is not planning a mileage tax, as had been discussed as part of the infrastructure plan.


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I wouldn't hold your breath, lots of states are looking to implement a form of carbon credit tax, which is just a fancy name for mileage tax. I live in Illinois when they started to float that around to many people found it out before it was implemented, so they put it on the back burner and just increased our registration and tollway fees. One way or another they will get you.
I wouldn't put any form of tax out of the question with Progressives. They gotta find a way to fund their virtue signaling projects. When it should be left to donations of your choice.
I pay $8 each way to go over the bridge each day to go to work, $80 per week is enough.
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