My shops have been edited. The reimbursement amount is showing up as zero on all my shops. They just moved to a new site. is anyone else having these issues?

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Mine showed up that way also and I reached out to the editor and she told me that once the MSC finalizes it, we will see the expenses listed. It is strange cuz I've never seen it done that way before.

Exact reply minus removal of MSC : Full payment does not show up until MSC processes the report.

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Post removed for violation of Posting Guidelines, naming client and MSC in the same thread. Feel free to edit, removing the violation, then repost.

@biang25 wrote:

When they changed company, nobody answers any questions anymore. No help at all from them. the legacy MSC schedulers were reliable, wish they didn't change.

You may want to update your post as you inadvertently mentioned the MSC and the client is in the post.
I got this from the MSC scheduler;

The reimbursement shows up on our site.

I have reached out to tech ops to verify this will be paid as usual.
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