Would it be OK to list gas stations brands without revealing MSCs?

I don't know what the other shoppers are talking about when they say blue stations, or green stations.

I do know the Big Green Prehistoric Animal is Sinclair.

Would it be possible to list the stations' brands? Translating the euphemisms?

If not, sorry for asking.

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cease, this is an excellent idea! It will help many people because re-branding and differences in regional availability make this more mystifying than it needs to be. Kudos and a suggestion for a sticky note for you! smiling smiley

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It's only trouble when someone asks who shops who. I've seen where the mods have removed a post referencing McDonald's as the Golden Arches and the MSC was named. YMMV

I'm with cease. Sometimes I can be coy on certain businesses (I got someone mad at me once for referencing "the black and yellow sports bar/restaurant" -- but there's only one of those).

"Yellow" gas station could also be Sunoco.

"Red" could be Conoco, or Phillips 66, or Citgo (well the symbol is red, although the lettering is blue I guess), or any of a number of them.

As long as MSC is left out, why not give the name of the client?

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It all depends on what marketer is being discussed at the time, if you know who shops who in your area. But there are times when I'm confused too and there are differing stations in different parts of the country. I try to color code the brand folders so if someone says yellow for Shell, I know it's Shell and I keep shell papers in a yellow folder even though I personally don't call it the "yellow station" I think I have to get the "shell folder", or green for the BP folder my mind says, "bp folder". Phillips 66, /76 is a black folder and all of my stations are called.Phillips 66 even if the MID says 76. I grew up with Phillips 66, it was the first business anyone I ever knew had stock in so I still call 76's Phillips 66 even though I know I'm wrong, LOL.
FYI, the reason the moderators have a bad time with "golden Arches" is that it's one of their legal names or DBAs or something. IF a fast food place wanted to call their store Golden Arches and then mad a different design they would still get in trouble with McDonald's lawyers. It is trademarked. They actually represent, "mummies mammaries" (replacing mother's food). There is also one McDonald's with turquoise arches. In Sedona Arizona.
I've seen that Sedona McDonald's. The arches look extremely strange.
@F and L TeleComm wrote:

There is also one McDonald's with turquoise arches. In Sedona Arizona.

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... because I don't want to start a new thread - are the CENEX (mostly Midwestern states) locations being shopped currently? I did a gazillion of them in 2020, but am not seeing them in 2021.
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