Not naming company. General question..with the current company what happens if error on the wrong sandwich? Normal customers do not unwrap it at drive-thru before pulling away. Inside is closed. wrong sandwich then go back inline or take photo with the wrong sandwich?

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I've opened things at the drive-thru before. I just say, "I want to check this because it's been made wrong before." Sometimes it's a shop and sometimes not, but especially with how long the lines are, I don't want to have to wait in line again to have it corrected. The Arby's shop does require the item to be corrected, too. Or at least it did when it was at the last MSC.
When it's a shop that requires a picture and testing temperature, I always pull away from the window and park and unwrap, test, and photograph before leaving the location. With the previous MSC, guidelines said you had to go inside immediately and show the wrong sandwich and get it corrected. The current MSC does not mention what to do if you get the wrong sandwich. And the report only asks Did you get the correct sandwich. I did one in March and wondered what I would do if I got the wrong thing. Inside was closed here, too, in March, although now it's open. I fortunately got the right sandwich and photographed it. Not sure what I would have done if I'd gotten the wrong sandwich. I think I probably would have gotten back in line and told them I got a sandwich I didn't order.

edited: sorry, I initially said I did the Arby's shop in January but I didn't, it was March, so I edited. I think March was the first month the new MSC has had this client.

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I did five of them in March because I really, really like the lamb gyro. On one of them, I ordered crinkle-cut fries as required, but the order form I later learned said curly fries, and I was given curly fries. I explained what happened and took photos of what I received. The shop was rejected because I did not verify that I got crinkle-cut fries and get them replaced. So, yes - you really need to get the correct sandwich, otherwise, it is going to be rejected.

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The guidelines tell you to take the temperature, but if I recall dorrectly, the report doesn't ask for a temperature number, just if it was the right temperature.

I agree, the Greek gyro is really, really good. The sauce is a little different from the Greek restaurants I normally get them from. I like the Arby's sauce better.

It took about 15 minutes or more to get through the drive through so I'm glad I got the right sandwich when I did the shop last month. Not sure if I'll do the Chicken Salad one this month.
They don’t seem to have crinkle fries figured out yet. It’s on the menu but the staff is unsure of cooking or having them. We need to have instructions of what to do if we cannot get what is required. The gyro shops were crinkle... maybe you had a different form? But mine said no not sold here.... also pay attention just as a curiosity we get reimbursement but the prices on one city same order vary more than $2 I notice.
The chicken salad sandwich allows either type of fries. The crinkle fries are not always ready, so that affects timing. I imagine that is something they want to know. I had to pull up and wait on Monday for my order due to the fries. No problem filing the report.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I did not know they had Crinkle Cut fries.. When I did the Gryo one, they did not have the crinkle fries here so I got the curly fries.
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