shops cancelled

I live in Georgia. Today all the BP visuals disappeared off of the map and we got emails canceling all of our Chevrons. Did this happen to anyone else on the East Coast because I don't see where anyone else is talking about it?

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I emailed the Field Coordinator last night about the pins disappearing in the Southeast and she said yes it was due to the gas shortage and they would back on the map once they are given the OK, but don't look for that for about 10 days.
They are so silly. Visuals and Chevron images don't require a gas purchase anyway. All the Shells got moved back to the 24th as well.
There are long line, making it difficult to get good pictures for reports. Stations out of fuel even have barriers up, in some cases. I just checked and found that about 80 percent of stations in this MD/DC suburb are showing "no fuel". South of here, the situation is said to be much worse.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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You're absolutely right. I've seen pictures on the news like that. Here in central Ga, it's not that bad. I haven't had any trouble getting gas but I travel through different areas. MY foreman told me that they were out of gas at one of the major Krogers but they still had diesel and his truck took diesel. Kroger is one of the most popular places to get gas here because it's cheaper than everyone else and you can knock your gas price down by buying groceries. Governor Kemp suspended the gas tax here which is high like 28 cents a gallon on 2.50 a gallon gas. I've been getting gas since the shortage still for under 3 dollars a gallon. But I saw one Exxon was like 3.50. Valero's and Exxon's are still shopping and they require gas purchases. I'm still in shock that they paid the ransom and so fast.
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