Sonic Menu Board Out Of Order (Question)

My wife ordered something through the Sonic app and I picked it up on my way home. When I arrived, there was no cone or no sign saying that the stall was out of order. When I got closer, I noticed that the screen was black.(nothing on the screen). I pressed the button, and I told the lady that I had a pick up order and she brought it out to me. This was not a shop.

On future shops, if I pull into a stall, and it is black but I am able to place my order, will I count it as working, but make a note saying that I was not able to look at my order because the screen was black.

I know after I press the button and no one answers after 5 minutes (I believe), I move to another stall. The Sonic's that I have visited in the past, there have been signs or cones saying out of order.


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I would write in the comment as to what the actual situation is if you are to shop and encounter the screen blackout in the future including moving to another stall. I believe they want to know the fact.
I actually would just immediately change stalls, without trying to order. My report would say "Parked in Stall 2 and noticed the digital board was blank, so I moved to Stall 5".
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