Those "Pesky" Satellite Pumps

Recently, my shopper friend who does the same type of gas stations shops in a nearby state mentioned this question from the editor/reviewer or whatever they are referred. It goes something like this (paraphrasing):

"In reviewing the photo of the diesel pumps, I noticed more diesel pumps than what you have listed. Please review the question and change answer ##. Also, please add comments about this".

My shopper friend (we exchange shop ideas and information as a matter of conversation BTW), said that in the past, in the old days when another company administered the shops they listed the pumps in this manner - if there were 8 gasoline pumps and whether a canopy, separate as a diesel canopy or not, 5 additional diesel pumps as diesel pump 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
Those pumps often were numbered by the site as 9, 10 and 11 with the 2 remaining pumps opposite of pumps 9 and 10. Those 2 pumps were controlled by the main pumps 9 or 10 for accepting payment etc. They were satellite pumps, part of either pump 9 or 10 for the large vehicles with diesel tanks on one side or the other (or both). Often they (the satellite pumps) were not even numbered, at other sites, they were, with the same number as their main pump.
When diesel checks came into existence, my friend did these checks, not listing the satellite pumps, only the numbered and operationally accepting a payment.
This was explained to the editor, my friend said in detail.

The final score for the shop was a 2.

Now, after reviewing shopper guidelines, I have not found any information about this. Has anyone? I'm concerned as my next round of shops have a couple of diesel checks.

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I hope you get an answer. I never counted the satellites as pumps and it was never questioned. Possibly another case of an editor who does not know the guidelines?

I would reach out to someone for clarification, I have never counted Satellite pumps, but I always take pictures of them just incase someone has a question.
When you do lots of different brands, as I do, it gets VERY confusing.

I learned long ago it's safest for me if I take photos of every pump, and show whether they are under canopies -- even when the guidelines clearly state to "disregard" any pumps not under canopies.

At my age, I don't trust my memory, and even with a cheat sheet, I'm not willing to drive 200 miles to get a missed photo.

Do I end up with extra photos? Yep. Do I mind? No.
When i did my shops with the Diesel Checks, I took photos of all the pumps, satellite or otherwise. However, I only listed those pumps that were numbered and could accept a card. I did not list the satellite pumps.
No questions asked and I got a 10!
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