What's the fasted you've done a Publix shop?

I'm new and have done about 5. My quickest, which I cannot seem to beat, is 32 minutes. I don't think it's possible to do it any quicker!

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I can do them in about 20 as long as people are in the various departments and I'm not having to wait 6 minutes at the deli!
I'd love to get it down to 20. When you ask the questions, do you just say thank you and walk right on to the next one? I linger and act really interested in their answer, maybe that takes up more time. I'm trying to figure out how natural to act and how concerned to be that they don't know I'm a mystery shopper.
Depends, if I need something in that department I'll grab it otherwise thank you and move on.
I have never done a Publix shop. I am apparently in the wrong part of the country to see one.
How long it takes to do one is totally dependent on Publix employees and how long it takes to find one/get help.
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