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How involved are these casino shops? I have routinely been receiving notifications for these assignments, since I have done single shift casino shops for this MSC in the past. There are a few within driving distance for me but before I apply for one I was hoping to get the low down from somebody who had done one. I emailed the scheduler but apparently she is too busy to respond.

The one I was looking at indicated it was a "safe + sound regulation" assignment which the notice said was different than a typical casino shop. What does safe +sound mean? Is it related to COVID safety protocols?
There was a $700 reimbursement but no indication of what costs were actually being reimbursed. The notice also said it was a casino only assignment. I assumed this meant no overnight hotel evaluation. Does this mean a single shift only would be shopped or does it require evaluations of all three shifts? Does the $700 reimbursement include an overnight somewhere, either at the casino hotel or a nearby property?

There is no way I would apply without more details, so hopefully someone is willing to share. Thank you in advance for any information that can be provided.

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Safe and sound is their covid protocols and their brand image. I did one of the hotel shops not the casino and it wasn't bad.

These go pretty quick in my area. I was able to get details from the scheduler when I asked her.
I have applied for a bunch of the hotel shops [not casino], and have never been assigned yet. There are a few properties they own that are hotels only. The $700 one I see on the board right now is for a hotel only - there is no casino on the property.

One thing I do appreciate is that once the listing is no longer available, I receive an email telling me that it's been "closed", so I no longer have to wonder about it.
I did a hotel and casino safe and sound shop last month. It was a delight. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There's a lot of running around in all areas of the hotel/resort/casino, but the report is mostly photos. It's not nearly as involved as a regular casino mystery shop. I would do another in a heart beat. Reimbursement covered 2 nights in the hotel, parking, store purchase, all meals and a small amount for required gambling. There was a nice fee as well.

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Thanks to all for the feedback. The particular location that I saw has now been filled by someone else but they keep coming up in my email so perhaps next round I'll pull the trigger and apply.

I did get an email from the scheduler. today it appears this was the last month for this particular program. I guess I am a day late and a dollar short Thanks again to those who provided feedback.

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I've inquired abut Casino shops not HR. If it's an overnight that you also stay in the hotel it's not worth it. The reimbursement amount is also for paying for the hotel room. I don't d hotels as you have to be in the hotel a good amount of time for the maintenance issues, housekeeping requests etc that you have to make up. As for casino I also won't do those as the gambling reimbursement is abut $60 which I usually don't gamble that much but I would if it's reimbursed. The thing with casino shops is that you have to give back all of your winnings. So what's the point. If I gamble $60 and win $100 I get back the $60 but then also have to give the casino back the $100 I won.
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