It seems like a good grade

After years of not even looking Coyle, there appeared a take-out shop that seemed easy enough. Years ago I did one for this company and they nit-picked over everything and I chose not to even look at the sight again.
Anyway, I did a take-out for them and received a 94 on the shop. They did not need to get back to me for anything and most of the mark-offs seemed to be in grammar. I actually did all the narratives in Word and checked the spelling and I thought the grammar was pretty good.
Just looking to see if you would pursue other shops based on the grade I received?

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I don't use the grade that I received as a means to determine whether I'm taking work. I look at the time it takes me to do the work plus what I'm getting in renumeration to decide whether or not I want to shop or not.

The grade is nice but it's pretty meaningless. As long as I'm getting paid I really don't care what grade they assign to a shop for me. I will say most of my grades are high but I don't spend a lot of time worrying about grade I worry about whether or not I'm getting paid and how much time I'm spending for the amount that I'm getting paid.
Hmmmm....I think I just learned a new term: the "humble brag".

You question a 94 from Coyle?

Yeppers, the humble brag.

(And congrats on the outstanding job!)
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