OK I am doing the seashell gas shops on Sassie and takes 1/2 hour or more to do the report

30 minutes to file a scallop shop seems about par for the course, though a yuge number of pumps might add a bit to that.

They are the most labor intensive of any gas stations due to the number of interior photos and criteria.

That's why I rarely, if ever, take them without significant bonuses involved. I might take one for a nominal bonus if on a loop with time.

I would never do a scallop for just the base + reimbursements.

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Very few modern cars require premium grade gas. What are you driving on your mystery shops; a Corvette or perhaps a Lambo?
I wish, LOL! If I could afford either, I wouldn't be shopping!

I drive a 25 year old Mercury.
I drive a Beemer ragtop..15 years old, but requires at least mid grade fuel. I need it to last several years more. It looks great and runs quite well, thank you. I love driving it.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
@AZwolfman wrote:

Very few modern cars require premium grade gas. What are you driving on your mystery shops; a Corvette or perhaps a Lambo?

My 2019 Maxima requires it also.
There's definitely still a lot of these on the market.

@AZwolfman wrote:

Very few modern cars require premium grade gas. What are you driving on your mystery shops; a Corvette or perhaps a Lambo?
I had a lot of trouble with the switch to the current MSC and the Sassie platform. I found that using the laptop in my car after I take all the pics on my phone isn't ideal either, but I was still able to get it down to under an hour. But this year I invested in a 10" tablet 5G capable too, I can do the Sassie shops in less than 45 minutes without pressing hard, and if I try hard, and work fast (not as easy as it used to be before I got Covid) I can get it down to close to 35 minutes.

I do not crop any pictures unless I need to show a specific thing that isn't easy to see without it. Samsung has a new scan function in the camera for documents that makes taking pics of the receipts much easier, I've been using that a lot too.

And for the record, they never reimbursed for premium fuel, the guidelines have ALWAYS stated regular fuel only. I have been called out for pumping midgrade when my truck was acting up. Someone noticed the difference on my receipt and scolded me, I've never tried to get anything but regular gasoline during a shop since then.
@luckymoose1 wrote:

The Shell stations have not had a pay raise in a very long time. One company wants me to take covert pictures of their location for a whole $7.00 and bonuses are practically a thing of the past. With the price of gasoline it simply isn't worth the money to mystery shop unless you are going that way anyway. I don't know what the 'suits' make but I do know we shoppers are low on the food chain. I have practically shopped shopping altogether.

Those $7 shops don't require a gasoline purchase, just a purchase inside the store, and they don't ask for a picture of the receipt either. I don't ask for a receipt unless the cashier asks if I need one. and I also don't do them for $7. They have never been big on adding money to the shops, usually in $2 increments. I wait until they offer $12 each and ask you to make an offer for routes of 5 or more. This is when I pick up all of them within 60 - 80 miles of my home for $15 or more each.
Overall site, building, each pump, forecourt, MID, overall inside the building, product offer, food offer, front counter, each rest room, selfie, and now they have 3 new pic of their latest POP that you take whether it's there or not, only the the answer to the question changes. And of course, the infraction pics. It's a lot for base pay, it's a lot for double base pay, but I'll do them for that..

I'm hoping that with folks going back to their jobs that some of the new shoppers who are eating up all the shops that used to get bonused will go back to their old jobs and let us make a living again.
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