pay error vent

So,,,I just got notice that an MSC failed to pay shoppers for bonuses this round due to an error on their part. It will be included in the next pay a month from now. I have no doubt that I will be fully paid, but was kind of counting on that $185. Don't you think a new set of deposits should be made now, since the fault was theirs?

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To some extent, it may depend upon their systems. But, that is not your question. Should = yes. Will = no (IMHO).

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In business, as in the rest of life, s**t happens. I see that the MSC 'owns' the mistake and plans to rectify it with the next pay cycle. If this was happening every few months with some issue or other being the 'cause' of less than full payment I would re-evaluate my working with them, but a one off is just a 's**t happens'.
They should have an extra pay run. It's not that hard. I haven't received payment from a company that always pays on the 1st and 30th. and here it is the 9th with no money. They pay well but I am considering just not working with them because this is becoming a habit and that indicates a larger problem.
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