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This may sound like a silly question but does anyone have a problem with seeing your phone because of the glare from the sun on the phone. I did a shop yesterday and it took a long time because I couldn't see the questions on my phone. Thanks in advance.

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Yes. I've the same problem. I imagine it's especially difficult for those doing the gas station audits.

Increasing the brightness helps when outdoors. Wearing sunglasses also helps. Btw, I'm using an older low end Samsung. The newer phone$ might have special features that overcome these obstacles.

I'm also curious. Hope others respond and mention what phone they're using.
I am using an LG android. I have the brightness increased on it. I thought about the sunglasses. I also have an i-phone 12 my son gave me and I am on his plan. I will ask him if it has any features that will help. I don't like to use it because I am not used to it.
Also remember, the brighter you have your phone or tablet screen, the faster it drains the battery. You may want to invest in an extra battery if you're doing routes.
If you have a newer LG (or Samsung) smartphone with a USB Type C connector, it will charge rapidly in your car if your car has a built-in fast charger or if you invest in a fast charger to plug into the accessory power outlet in your car. If you don't know what a type C connector looks like, this link includes a picture and a description: []

If you do need a fast charger to plug into your car so that you can plug in your phone, they are not expensive. Less expensive than a good external battery and much lighter! Here is a link to a review of fast chargers in Wire Cutter: []

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Plus, many phones today are built so that the battery is no longer accessible/removable.
I use a portable standalone charger to take with me in the car, since my car doesn't have a USB port. You can get them at Five Below very inexpensively. You have to charge it at home, of course, but if your cell phone runs low on power while you're in the field, plug it into the charger, and it's charged quickly. This little gadget has come in handy for me more times than I can count!

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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I don't do routes. I live in a small town and the nearest place with a Walmart is 25 miles. They don't have many of the stations in these towns. I just pick them up when I go for groceries or doctor's appointments. Thanks
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