Nifty scale useful for shops that require weighing

I have been using an old heavy post office scale dating back to 5 c stamps for mailing shops. I just ordered a digital kitchen scale through my Healthy Benefits Plus account as my old kitchen scale is no good...If you have such an account thru your health insurance you might be able to get it for free. If not these are available at many stores and mine weighs up to 13.4 pounds. .It seems like it would be much more accurate than my old p.o. scale which I had to eyeball. So one scale with two uses!

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A digital kitchen scale is one of those gadgets you never knew you had to have until you get one. I got mine from Freecycle and I use it for gardening and laundry (I cover with plastic wrap prior to each use).

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I probably use my kitchen scale more for non-kitchen uses than others. Now I'm looking for something I can take to the Goodwill store with me to weigh potential items to put in post office shop boxes. Haven't been able to find anything that meets my price point yet.

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I got a digital scale when I had a special needs kitten that wasn't gaining weight properly, so we had to monitor him. I don't really use it too much anymore.
My digital scale is battery operated so you could bring it into a thrift store with a pre-weighed container to put on the scale. It would easily fit in a shopping bag. I also have a luggage scale which is very small and simply has a hook to hang your luggage from. I got it as a gift so I do not know how much they cost but if you put your thrift store purchase into a bag with handles you could hang it from that type of scale easily.
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