7-11 Quick Audit?

I'm thinking of taking this to make up the gas money for a drive I might make an hour away to get something from fb marketplace. I've never done it before. What will I need to do? "This is a revealed convenience store audit of nicotine products with required photos. Please refer to your paperwork for detailed guidelines."

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I accepted the job and am reading through the materials. If I remember, I can tell how it went here!
If it's for the same company that does the 5 Guys, I did one and the kid behind the counter was very cooperative. He let me take pictures from behind the counter and answered my questions.

It was not at a 7-11 though, just a local chain convenience store. A lot would depend on the employee you encounter.

I was in and out in about 10 minutes but I took lots of extra photos just in case. Report was reasonable.
They are easy and should take no more than 10 minutes. One photo of the full display is needed and a brief audit of inventory and signage. Take it if bonused.

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I did this audit as a double dip. It was super simple. The difficult/awkward part was getting a photo of a section behind the register.

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I'm right now trying to figure out which photos are best and how to recognize the one I'm going to link among all the identical looking uploaded photos. I was in there 40 min because I know nothing about these products!
@Plarka wrote:

Can you do more than one in a day of these?
As far as I know you can. I did one and like others have reported, I was in and out in 10 minutes. When they get to $14, they're worth it I think.
I see another one 10 min away from me, I wonder if I could do it quicker now that I've done it once? I had no idea what I was looking for the first time.
Sure, you will recognize the display right away now. Some of the ones I've done have taken about 5 minutes. Yes, you can do a lot of them on the same day. I have.

The more I learn about people...the more I like my dog..

Mark Twain
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